10 Creative ideas for Facebook covers to inspire

Posted on - 26th Jul, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

Facebook cover photos are a small but powerful tool when it comes to promoting a business. It is the first impression when a user visits your Facebook page and your creativity will decide whether the user scrolls past it or stops and looks more closely.

Amazing cover photo designs that attract users and keeps current customers engaged so that they revisit the page.

1. Get sketchy

Most people think of this type of design as a computer graphic, which is sometimes true, but most graphic design projects start out on paper drawn form. A sample Facebook cover page from D&AD – it shows creativity and channels notepad doodling, with dynamic images.

get sketchy

2. Play with symbols

Symbolism is not only for novels. Not anymore. The symbols help to communicate emotions, ideas and brand values without typing a letter. If you are a web design company, then you can show icons, vector as presentations of:

1. Web design

2. Website optimisation

3. Code optimisation

4. Online shop

5. Ecommerce Software

6. Android OS app

7. Google place optimisation

8. Keyword research

9. Local seo

10. SEO performance

11. SEO tips

12. Page speed

13. Pay per click optimisation

14. Link building

15.  Active search

16. Targeting audience

17. Analytics graph

18. Page quality

19. Mobile marketing

21 Video marketing

3. Show your customers or members

Take a snapshot when conducting an event or outdoor visit. By highlighting this event, your loyal customers act as an endorsement of an outstanding business. Take advantage of your next event and get a great photo.

4. Introduce your staffs

This is the best way to humanise your brand. Good for your fans to recognise the business from the people who are working there. This inspires the trust and there’s nothing better than a friendly face to relate to.

A recent study from marketing experiment shows the real people images are more effective for conversions. Basically, customers don’t want to see models that are unknown but instead prefer to see the actual staff behind the brand that make it, what it is.

5. Display some of your work

Showing some of the best work that your business does is a wonderful way to show the public what type of work you do. Suppose if you are a web development company then showcase your best web portfolio from one of the clients. If your business belongs to furniture selling, then showcase the best design you have made in recent times. This shows your businesses quality to the visitors.

6. Displaying the face

Designing for a public figure, you can splash their face all over the place such as cover, content, profile pic, etc. but try to resist this. It is good to put a face to the name and be intentional about it. A sample for you

displaying the face

7. Clickable call to action

The key is to make a clear spot for the call to action button and that to be visible.

Facebook offers 7 calls-to-action such as,

  • Play game
  • Watch video
  • Book now
  • Sign up
  • Use app
  • Shop now
  • Contact us

Call to action button create an urgency that drives user to take an action.

8. A little gallery

If you are interested in displaying favourite image in the cover image, then create a gallery. When you see a gallery, the picture isn’t jammed next to each other with no room to spare, in fact, they are spaced out, and given enough room to breathe.

Draw some margins between each image to avoid a cluttered look.

9. Set it up

The table-top photos are a huge trend in Facebook covers and insanely flexible. Type of objects you choose to display in the photo can create innovative ideas and moods.

10. A different side

Another way to make your Facebook cover more effective and memorable is to show your product or brand from a different side. It is like metal printing press letters. A casual reminder of type makes a stimulating and operative cover page.


Facebook cover pictures play a vital role when it comes to marketing your brand or business. It is important you keep things fresh and updated. Take advantage of special events, holidays, new seasons and offers.

There are more things to consider when it comes to a cover photo. How to represent the brand? What to include and leave out? There are no specific rules or guides, but other than that ask yourself the questions.

Always be innovative and creative. Show passion for what you do and how customers relate.