It’s 2017 You Need An SSL Certificate

Posted on - 31st May, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

If your business in online, there is no doubt that you have seen a green padlock next to the website address with prefix “https” on top of your browser, in fact, if you look now, you will see the sample website. This is an SSL certificate.

browser search bar

What is an SSL Certificate?

It is an acronym for secure socket layer and is used interchangeably with the term TLS which means Transport Layer Security. These are the cryptographic protocols that encrypt the communications from websites over a computer network. This means the data transferred between the web server and the browser always remains private.

What is HTTPS?

It stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure and the most internet users are familiar with it in the form of a green padlock that is present next to the URL in the address bar.

Why should you care about HTTPS and SSL?

HTTPS offers additional security, but what does it mean when you are browsing the web every day? Basically, you are protecting your confidential information from people who want to steal it by using readily available tools such as Firesheep.

This determines when you are entering the password, or phone number or any personal information on Facebook or any other sites that offer HTTPS – the data is encrypted as it flies through the internet.

HTTPS is a way for you to transfer the information with a website more securely so that you don’t need to worry about anyone listening in.

How much does an SSL certificate cost?

This depends on the website hosting provider that you buy a certificate through and type of certificate that you buy. There are 3 types of certificate:

Single domain

This type of SSL is only valid for one domain URL.

Multi domain

Known as a universal communication certificate, secures multiple domain names, and host names within a domain name. In a single certificate, you can set a primary domain and add up to 99 extra subject alternative names. Good for business with multiple sub domains, and URL’s for different geographic locations, product lines, and services.


This type is for securing all sub-domains you may have for a single domain.

Why this certificate is important?

In the year 2014, Google announced that if the website is secured with HTTPS, then it receives a boost in the search result rankings. If you are familiar with the Google search engine and their ranking algorithm, then you will be aware that they are secretive about how the algorithms work.

In the year 2016, Google posted that their own product chrome 56 started displaying the security status of a connection in the address bar on the pages that include a password and or credit card entry field.

Product Chrome 56

SSL is must for modern websites. We also suspect that Google search engine will slowly add more criteria for pages to be marked as “Not Secure” – such as contact forms. We need to take the steps needed before they become more aggressive in their push to secure the web in the year 2018.

Benefits of SSL Certificate

  • Encrypts sensitive information
  • Attract more shoppers
  • Provides authentication
  • Increases sales
  • Provides trust
  • Portrays professionalism
  • Increases visitor loyalty to the website
  • Protects more information

Process from HTTP to HTTPS

A few things to consider:

  • Secure the correct certificate for the website
  • Install the certificate on the website
  • Update the website configuration to point to HTTPS instead HTTP
  • Redirect the incoming request from HTTP to HTTPS
  • In google search console, re-verify the ownership of the website also update the sitemap
  • Update web property configuration in Google Analytics
  • Test the conversion and confirm whether it was successful

Note that the website domain is not changing the address to get there. These 2 request your website from 2 different ports on the web server. Because there is a risk that the website traffic will drop briefly as Google re-indexes the website. This is also a reason for making sure you redirect works seamlessly.

What now?

From this year onwards, each project we take on will have HTTPS in the discussion.

We want your website to be more secure and the digital world is advocating SSL, it is a matter of when you are going to get an SSL certificate?

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