4 Tools to Improve the Quality of your Blog Content

Posted on - 31st Mar, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

When it comes to internet marketing there is no way to avoid competition. The best thing, you can do is to employ a strategy for creating high quality content. If you do these positive results will follow.

Here we will discuss 10 tools that bloggers use to boost the content quality, increase engagement and outdo the competition.

1. Hub Spot – Blog Topic Generator

Do you struggle to come up with unique and engaging blog topics?

It is hard to generate engaging topics, especially as your blog grow. Some people can post several pieces of content each week. This is great for their readers, it can be difficult to come up with unique angles for every post.

If you are struggling with this, then Hub Spot can help you. This tool takes all the work out of the process; it is a powerful tool that provides you with ideas for your next post.

Fill in the column with a few keywords that you need to write about. From there you will get a wealth of blog post titles. What more do you want?

For Ex: I tried with ecommerce, here is the first batch of topics that it generated

hub spot blog topic generator

Depending on your blog, your approach and what you want to accomplish, some of the blog topics may work for you and others could fall flat.

My advice is you can use this tool for basic ideas and to stimulate your brain. From this, you can tweak each title to suit your approach.

2.  Hemingway Editor

Making your writing “clear and bold”

You can use this tool to your advantage for creating high standard content with simple sentences and no errors.

Example of passage that has edited by the app

As you see the tool highlights the problem areas. For instance, a red highlight means a sentence is complicated for your readers.

In addition to in-text highlighting, the right-side bar shows additional information

hemingway editor

As you see the tool highlights the problem areas. For instance, a red highlight means a sentence is complicated for your readers.

In addition to in-text highlighting, the right-side bar shows additional information

readability grade

Are you thinking “It sounds like a lot of work to run every post through this tool?”

You may struggle with your first few blogs, but I suggest you to persevere. Soon you will look back and wonder why you thought it was hard.

3.  Readability Test Tool 

You could make the mistake of relying on your own eyes. It is easy to become familiar with your style that you assume each post is perfect.

To protect this, use this readability tool. You can test your text in 3 distinct ways,

1. Test by referrer

2. Test by URL

3. Test by direct input

Until it is 100% ready, you don’t want to publish your content, I suggest using the test by direct input feature

You just enter your text in the box and click the “calculate readability” button. You will be taken to a page that shows the results,

1. Text statistics

2. Readability indices

The readability indices look like

readability indices

Then a table underneath informs you how to decipher the data. The highest score is easy to read, no of words, etc.

Use this tool so that you know that you are on the right track. Your target audience will thank you for it.

4.  Co-schedule Blog Post Headline Analyser  

Feel like writing better headlines which could generate more interest for users on your blog

This tool offer a quick analysis of your headline and allows you to make changes on the fly until you find the right one that you are looking for.

It takes only couple of seconds to receive a grade for your headline

For Ex: I tried with the title “Tips to improve my business” as a blog title, the results are

co-schedule headline grade

From this result, one able to understand what’s missing and you can use the rest of the results to make positive changes.

Along with the above grade, the tool also offers something else

headline issuesCreating a killer headline always drive results and is all about making minor tweaks and reviewing results. This tool was built on the premises that marketers want to create high quality, engaging headlines, that not only offer valuable information, but also convert into sales.


Did you know that every marketer who prioritises business blogs is more likely to experience a positive ROI?

Therefore, it is easy to understand the importance of spending time, money and resources on your blogging strategy.

Remember – There is a huge difference between blogging with a purpose and just blogging.

If you need your words to increase sales, it’s the right time to focus on quality content.

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