5 Hacks to Help Your Website Generate More Leads, Sales and Revenue

Posted on - 20th Apr, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

A website is normally an essential business tool and each business uses its website in its own unique way. Some may use it to generate instant revenue through eCommerce sales while others use it for sales, brand awareness, and physical location visits, etc.

Ways to increase sales, leads and revenue without investing in a redesign and rebuild.

1. Identify where the visitors are scrolling to and clicking

If you know where your visitors reside, but they aren’t clicking it can help you to reposition your offers from areas that don’t attract clicks. A heat map tool such as “Crazy Egg” will show you where the clicks are occurring and what referral source is creating them.

heat map tool

  1. Shows how far visitors are scrolling down each page
  2. Allows multiple calls to action locations and we come to know which one being clicked and viewed

You can’t simply throw a couple of offers on the website and relax and assume that it will convert into sales. Insight into where your visitors are viewing and where the click gives you strong data can be used to convert traffic.

2. Schedule multiple shares of latest content

multiple shares content

The easy method is to get more shared links to repost them again in the days, weeks or months to come.

Why repost?

2 reasons to consider

1. You will get new followers and more engagement

If you post a link just once, you won’t get a variety of people due to people who may not be online at the time you post.

Example: Facebook news feed algorithm along with the competition makes sure a small segment of a business page followers see a status update that shows up organically in individual feeds. To gain more visits and engagement, it’s vital to schedule the repeated posting.

2. It reminds existing followers of what is more important. This leads to spam, but you remind the followers why you are special through the varied iterations of the same content, you will be able to enhance the brand visibility.

How to repost

1. Take away some data, quotes and small points from your content and change it

2. Use social media engagement tools to schedule repeated posting of the content. You can use the points you have extracted from the content that will pique the followers’ interest on networks such as Twitter and Facebook

3. Install Live Chat

live chat

Lots of entrepreneurs assume that live chat is only good for eCommerce sales. Answering pre-purchase questions help to save sales and chat operators can push buyers to a sale. But all the websites can benefit from this simple tool.

  • Offers instant customer service
  • Efficient
  • Cheap
  • Amazing ROI
  • Captures more leads
  • Reassures the customers
  • Fast and accurate

4. Include Testimonials and Trust Signals


Including testimonials in the website is a fantastic way to build trust. Showcasing recognition, awards, such as Better Business Bureau also help to make visitors feel comfortable to do business with you. Just remember don’t include fake testimonials it just makes your potential customer distrust your brand.

5. Deliver the message in video

Sometimes you need the help of video to capture your targeted audience in a different manner. This is a clever way to attract customer’s attention. Using a video on your website to describe the service or product helps you to convert more customers.


Do you have any additional tips or suggestions? What do you think? Have you used these techniques to improve your business sales, leads, and revenue? Or any other tactics have worked for your business, just share here.

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