5 ways to turn site visitors into customers

Posted on - 4th Mar, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

Any business person wants loads of customers to buy their products or use their services. They would be happy if the number of visitors grows every day and he or she can turn them into buyers. At present increasing the web traffic is not that easy, so why not make sure you are converting every visitor to a buyer?

Start turning a “popular website” into a “profitable website”.

Live chat implementation

live chat

The First and foremost reason for this is that customers love it.


Because people can get their questions answered immediately with less hassle than having to wait for a reply via email or for someone to answer the phone.

On the other hand, industries love it because it is cost-effective (Example: Virgin Atlantic stated that a single live chat typically does the work of about 15 customers service specialists who handle calls and emails)

This is an excellent example of a tool that helps to turn visitors into customers; primarily because it allows you to intrude before an undecided buyer abandons their purchase.

Key feature

Special software is available for tracking pages and this enables you to create “triggers” to initiate the conversion with the buyer when their activity signals they are having an issue with the website or with their purchase.

Do you think this is foolproof?

No, this isn’t foolproof. Page tracking doesn’t read people’s minds and not all will accept help even when it’s offered.

A company named “Blue Soda Promo” tried this and achieved a 60% live chat to sale conversion rate. Each conversion represents a visitor, without a live chat, they may remain just a visitor.

Customise the pitch to perfection

customize pitch perfection

Let’s do it, every person in this world likes things that are tailored for us. Why would people want to sign up or buy into something that looks generic when you can sign up for something that is just for you?

One good way to do this is to create a unique service or product for every buyer who visits your website. If you do, then great…but chances are you won’t be able to do.

Software called Maxmind helps to insert the visitor’s city and county/state within your pitch.

Here is an Example

If a business offers a “skin pigmentation” service, if you use Maxmind, it helps to create a custom headline that inserts the visitor’s city into your headline. It would look like this:

“What Does Your Skin’s Pigmentation Say About Your Health in Manchester, England”

Using this simple tactic some people have seen a huge increase in conversion rate by up to 33% but it only works well with someone who isn’t too sophisticated.

Offer something for free

offer something for free

We know this is tough when you are a start-up company but if the business is built on a subscription model, offer a freebie as this could be precisely what’s needed to give the visitors the confidence to become buyers.

A free trial on 2 things,

  • Prove the confidence that you have in your service or product – a confidence that rubs off on potential customers
  • Answer the questions that customer might not think to ask, but that prevents them from buying

Let’s execute a free trial” can give top results…

Don’t play games

Some people are cautious about this because they have been stung previously by industries that use the trial to try and unwantedly lock them in. Don’t be like that. This won’t pay in the long run as the customers will not return due to the trickery.

Cancelling must be easy and pain free.

Sell Yourselves

Try to showcase everything that you have at your disposal, include mentions within press pieces and awards that you or your company have received.

It all helps you to increase sales and improve profitability. You may laugh at this, but if your sales are not high, every little bit adds up.

Showcase when you have worked with well-known companies or have had a great report in the press.

Signs of social proof

social poof

People blindly follow the herd. If plenty of other people are buying the product then they are more likely to do so as well.


If it is impressive enough, then simply displaying how many people bought your product or signed-up to your service as this helps to push people in your favor.

Check “Basecamp” a company that incorporates this in the homepage showing how many signed up in the month.


It is one of the best forms of social proof because this not only shows that other people are buying this product, it also showcases how good other people think the product is.

If possible get a testimonial from a famous face or a celebrity. If not, even a healthy-looking appraisal for an average person still creates a positive impact.