What is the best Magento extension for sale?

Posted on - 10th Mar, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

Worldwide the Magento eCommerce platform is proving to be the most popular choice with more than 100,000 sites. It supports 200,000 businesses globally and with its flexible, user-friendly, reliable and scalable solution it has more supporters among e-commerce website owners and web designers than any other platform.

Running a successful business in eCommerce is not an easy task. If you choose the default functionality offered by the platform, it may not meet all your needs and it doesn’t guarantee good sales.

I would like to suggest a collection of Magento extensions that will give you clear ideas which one to choose and how you can improve the shopping and checkout experience.

One step checkout

This offers the customers clear-cut information on what they need for an online store: a fast, pressure free and easy checkout process. This helps to customise the checkout page to quicken the shopping procedure.

You build your page to include Order Reviews, Shipping Details, Payment Methods and more to meet customer preferences. This one step checkout has auto-suggestion options on state names and postcodes.

Plenty of such extensions are available, but this one step ticks all the boxes and has simple to customise drag-and-drop interface with easy cross-selling and integrated promotions.

Why you love this extension?

It integrates the sales-centric, an important feature into a single page and quickens order placement, it simplifies things for your buyers while keeping the e-cash register ringing. This guarantees a better conversion.

Google Shopping Feed

google shopping feed

This helps by automatically uploading the products of the business to Google Shopping. You can export the feeds or schedule regular uploads. This also offers you the choice of which specific products to upload. It is easy to select the appropriate product description as unique product identifiers.

Generator for Google Shopping Feed

This extension helps you easily export the product lists to Google shopping. A lot of customers use Google Shopping to buy products. Customers can find and compare the products from different sellers before they choose one. As a business owner, this extension is a chance for you to differentiate the product from others in their specific category.

Define your products in the form of visibility, type, and category. This allows to automatically or manually generate files and multiple Google XML files.

Daily Deals

This helps you to set up and manage deals in your online store in an easy and professional way. This feature includes an interactive countdown timer, which display how long the buyer has before the deal expires thus motivating visitors to buy.

You can see three tabs displaying a different level of urgency, so your buyers able to review the day’s deals, upcoming offers and it allows them to track the deals with ease.

It offers you complete freedom over customisation. You can even set time intervals, as you wish, display the deals on either right or left sidebar, the colour of the background and more.

Price Bargain

It presents a simple feature and is easy to use. The customer is able to negotiate the price within the product and listing pages. The customer can suggest the price, and it reaches out to the admin, who can then choose the options of Accept, Reject, or Suggest new price. Then the customer is notified of the decision.

Why you love this?

It is an excellent idea to promote sales, keep the buyer engaged and thus it helps the customers to revisit the website more. Direct negotiation also helps to build a relationship with them as well. It increases the store’s favorability, ranking, and margins.

Frequently Bought Together

Upselling is one of the powerful technique to raise the revenue of the eCommerce online store. By showing the visitor items people bought together, you encourage them to do the same.

Result   – it might be able to increase the revenue by up to 60%

Why you love this?

In a bundled form, by showing the products, people bought together. This saves time and makes them buy more. Buyers are able to see the pricing for each item and can edit in the shopping cart.

Advanced FAQ Module

Instead of having to answer each question every single time, why not create a list of FAQ’s and thus it saves the customer’s and your time.

This extension not only allows you to do this, but it also presents the appealing layout that helps the customer easily read through the questions and answers.

Set questions, sort them into various categories and present them in a beautiful jQuery animation effect.

Don’t present all FAQ’s in the traditional listicle way, simply present the categories and by a single click the customer able to expand and view the FAQ’s in the specific section.