How to make your blog design more attractive in 2018?

Posted on - 9th Dec, 2017 | Posted By - seo-team

The design is fundamental, better-looking blogs are more memorable for visitors. People are more likely to subscribe and share these blogs with their friends on social media.

Consider WordPress

Choosing the right blogging platform is very important; one that allows a range of design possibilities is a good option, so WordPress is the best one to choose.

  • It is an open source platform that powers more than 75 million blogs, more than 25% of the total blogs on the web
  • Using this platform – you can save money and won’t need to build a design from a scratch
  • The community has created over 2,500 design themes that look attractive and are feature rich

How to find a high-quality design theme

I suggest you access WordPress admin and get familiarised with the appearance section which is present on the left-hand-side of the navigation. You will find many design options. You can also search for reviews and install themes. You can create a navigation menu, modify your blog header logo and can edit widgets in the sidebar.

The best starting point for a new blogger is to explore and test free themes. When using a theme, WordPress platform allows you to preview your content and see what your blog looks like before sending it to live.


Each designed theme has a page with more details and examples of what your blog will look like. When you find a designed theme that you like, just click install to activate it on your blog. Here is something for you look out:

  • Rating between 1 and 5 stars. The higher rating, the better the theme
  • Last update date – check this to see if the theme is regularly updated and compatible with the most up-to-date version of WordPress
  • Older themes might break in recent software versions
  • Reviews – check people’s opinion
  • Preview – so that you know how it looks for visitors before you buy

The alternative way to find a design is, to go to your favourite blogs and check the design. If you find a blog that is to your liking, see if you can find a template name, they will have a link in the footer, or you can view the source code in your browser.

You will see the lines with /wp-content/themes/”some name” -> this is the theme name. If you find the name, the next step is to search for it and try it on your own blog.

Free Word Press themes for 2018

These free themes are all

  • mobile responsive
  • fast loading
  • lightweight
  • beautiful
  • supported by developers and the community
  • constantly updated

Things to consider on your blog

Which font and font sizes are best for your blog?

  • Font type, font size and spacing between letters and line height, all have an impact on how visitors feel when they are reading online
  • Larger fonts make your blog clearer and easier to look at
  • Sans-serif is a good font type – suitable for digital content, make your font size a minimum of 16px, or you can even increase it up to 20px for better results
  • Under plugins you could install the Easy Google Fonts plugin – this makes it easy to change your fonts and sizes in various areas of your blog
  • Using above plugin, you can access 100’s of web fonts

Choosing Colour

Good themes come with their own colour schemes, but you could customise the post

  • Font colour
  • Background colours
  • Logo and more

You should learn about colours because colour palettes can make or break your post.

This is the perfect website – for you to analyse what huge brands use?  Don’t forget – Colours convey meanings.

Get Tuned In

Having said all this, don’t spend too much time thinking about the design. Your blog may look beautiful and attractive, but it is all about creating good, unique and fresh content to attract visitors. Analysis of the real world and real people will lead you to make better decisions about your blog in the future.

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