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Ideas For a Fun Office Christmas Party

Posted on - 12th Nov, 2018 | Posted By - seo-team

2018 is speeding by and Christmas Day is creeping ever closer on the calendar; which means it’s time to start planning your Christmas party 2018.

Here are some suggestions for the type of party you might have.

1. Ugly Sweater Party

Here we are talking about Christmas sweaters in horrible shades such as red, green, purple and brown. The one your grandma buys you every year and once Christmas is over you will throw into the wardrobe and forget about it.

Dig out those sweaters because this year’s theme is “Embrace the Ugliness”

Christmas Party ideas: Ugly Sweater Party










Every person is instructed to wear a sweater to the party. If they didn’t make it, then give them a sweater you have in your hand, a pair of reindeer ears or embarrassing prop for good measure.

Decorate the room with fun decorations and offer a reward for the most impressive/ugly/offensive sweater.

2. Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

For those who are born in the southern hemisphere, there’s something magical about a white Christmas, where the whole surroundings are covered in snow.

You can enjoy bright scarves, ice skating, hot chocolate and more.

Decorate your party area to look like a wintery one; ice sculptures, glittering snowflakes, fairy lights, and cuddly polar bears all around.

Christmas Party ideas: Winter Wonderland

Drinks – serve icy vodka cocktails and delicious, warming mulled wine. Food must be warm and festive.

This wonderland is an interesting theme if you live in the southern hemisphere and the Christmas function occurs over the height of summer.

Guests should dress in their best winter season gear– scarves, gloves, and hats are essential.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas Party

Christmas Party Ideas: Nightmare Before Christmas










It is a very popular theme:

Dress up the room with black and white tinsel, skulls and skeletons in Santa hats.

Decorate balloons to look like Jack Skellington.

Play songs from Tim Burton’s movies along with Halloween classics such as “Superstitious” and “The Monster Mash”.

Food – try authentic English food:

  • Hot dogs and burgers
  • Homemade scones
  • Bangers and mash
  • Roast meats

4. Santa’s Workshop Christmas Party

Get a person in your office to wear a Santa suit, usually, there someone willing.

Everyone gets a picture with Santa – as the night goes on, the images will get sillier and sillier.

Christmas Party ideas: Santa’s Workshop










It’s fun to supply a few props to make photographs even more interesting.

Elf workstations have different activities that should be either aimed at team building or a test of the employee’s creativity.

This theme also provides a huge opportunity for the team to help a worthy cause such as,

  • Supply food for charity hampers
  • Helping to wrap some presents

Christmas Party Games

1. Christmas Movie Trivia

Christmas Party Games: Christmas Movie Trivia

  • Some printable movie trivia sheets with a Christmas Story trivia and general Christmas movie trivia
  • Everyone thinks they know their Christmas movies, so this game will really get them excited
  • Charades with a Christmas theme (songs, films, books etc.), if all else fails

2. Two Truths and a Lie

Worst Christmas party gifts

  • Each one in a group gets a turn
  • Tell the group 3 things about yourself two will be true and the other one will be a lie
  • Mix it up when each turn arrives – alternate between truth-lie-truth, truth-truth-lie, and lie-truth-truth
  • Everyone in the group has an opportunity to guess which one is false
  • Then the person reveals which one is false

An effective way to know your co-workers better and moreover you will have a few laughs in this process.

3. Funny Employee Awards

funny employee awards

Create some funny certificates or awards for everyone in the office.

For example: Give this certificate for the person who made most coffee in the morning or someone who uses up all the printer paper every time they print?

A clever way to have a laugh while recognising hard work.


These parties and games are just a few ideas  from e4k Digital Agency to make your Christmas festivities more “interesting”.

Share your alternative party ideas with us in the comments section, or maybe tell us how your party went this year or last?