What are long tail keywords and how to find them?

Posted on - 19th May, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

The major mistake that many people make is that they will target direct keywords instead of long tail keywords. A quick example of the difference between short tail and long tail keywords,

As you see in the above all are based on a searcher’s intent, and what they intend to find out from their use of the search engine.

Search: “Long tail keywords” – average monthly searches 50

Search: “Long tail keywords vs short tail keywords” – average monthly searches 12

Search: “Long tail keywords conversion rate” – average monthly searches 13

The last two keyword have fewer searches, but the competition for these two keywords is far less than the short tail keyword. Long tail key words drive more targeted traffic than short tail so that your conversion rate to business improves.

Keyword classification types

The most popular keyword classifications based on internet users:

  • Informational keywords
  • Navigational keywords
  • Transactional keywords

Short tail vs Long tail

Short tail means single or two-word phrase. Terms such as car insurance, juices, hair style usually these have high search volume and are difficult to rank as there are a vast number of websites competing for the space they occupy in the search engines.

Long tail keywords are longer search terms and much more specific. Eg.

  • Web design service company
  • Search engine optimisation services

How do you find long tail keywords?

For long tail keyword research, the AdWords keyword planner doesn’t really help. You need to get more creative.

Where to find them and how to get started?

Google instant search

While typing a word from a keyword search phrase in the Google search bar, google will automatically offer you some handy long tail keywords in drop down box, and you will get some awesome nuggets within that list

Google instant search

You can even get these long tail suggestions from search engine such as DuckDuckGo and Bing.

Searches related to

Once you have typed the keyword into the google search bar and press enter key. Scroll down to the end of the page and you will see a few keywords headed as “Searches related to”:

searches related to

Ask the client

The best long tail keyword tool isn’t software-based at all, clients know best when it comes to their products or services and the ways in which their customers search for them.

Discuss with clients and ask them a few questions:

  • The most common question their customers ask?
  • What terms do customers use when making queries about their services and products?

When asking such questions to clients, be aware that people who are working in the company, often refer to their wares in a rather different manner to their customers.

A good example is in the bathroom industry, people working within that premise may refer to a sink as a “basin”, but members of the public searching for such a product would not be likely to use this word.

Always cross check any suggested keyword your client offers, is this a search term used by their potential customers?

3 Tools to use for long term keyword research


Here you will find great ability for keyword research. A first SEO tool that is built to find keywords that the competitors are ranking for.

Answer the Public

Excellent tool with nice visualisations

answer the public


This has a number of useful options. You can export to CSV and view as text.



Why long tail keywords are important to your business?

Main benefits

  • Tend to convert better when compared to standard keywords
  • Will get new sources of traffic
  • Easy to rank

Remember another key is to write unique, fresh content to attract users, work on On-Page such as Title, description, heading, readability, LSI, keyword density, site map, robots, etc., to make your web page user and search engine friendly.

If you know of other free tools to find profitable long tail keywords, let us know in the comments section.