Boost Sales Almost Overnight? AdWords Tactics for a Brand-New Ecommerce Store

Posted on - 7th Apr, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

If you have just launched an ecommerce business, you might look for ways to boost your ROI.

People always think the best option is to display on the network and run Facebook ads, many marketers are doing this to improve their conversion rate.

AdWords is a means of generating sales for an eCommerce business. But where do you begin?

Google Shopping Ads

These are normally triggered when the search engine thinks that you are searching with an intent to buy something.

For example:

google shopping adsThese shopping ads are not used by many business owners because setting them up seems to be intimidating at first.

So how do you set them up? First you will need to create a Merchant Account with Google

google merchant account

Creating a Merchant Account is important because this allows you to offer Google a product feed.

Once created, you can offer Google a product feed by looking to the left side bar and click on ‘+feed’

product feed

If you use a platform like Shopify then you will be able to use a plugin to help you to get this done.

Once it uploaded, the keyword planner AdWords will help to decide which products must be drawn from the product feed when certain keywords are entered in the search engine.

Google will automatically display your eCommerce products within your product feed based on their own ad group, keywords and data.

Google has lots of data about which ads are likely to boost your conversion rate when people enter specific search terms. This way you can trust Google to decide when your shopping ads need to be shown.

If anyone wants to launch a shopping ad campaign, link your Merchant account with your AdWords keywords account.

Just select the option within settings section – AdWords

It will display a section known as “link account”, then in the keyword planner click + campaign and select shopping option.

Then you need to enter some basic information for your ad campaign. First check the country used in product feed


Deselect the include search partners. After that if you need control over some products you can click shopping settings, you will get filter option to showcase your ads. Finally, set up the process, they will start running very shortly.


Another AdWords tactic you can use to generate your eCommerce sales is Remarketing. This allows people to ad rank and show others who already visited your store. For Remarketing ads, you need to install “Remarketing tag” on your site.

Go to shared library and select ‘Audiences” option.


You will come to know what the tag is and how to install it. Once you set up tag then you can create specific ‘Remarketing lists’.

website tagging

If you want to create a list, based on who have visited your website, click on ‘remarketing list’ and choose ‘website visitors’.

website visitors

AdWords needs to collect data on people who visits your website. When your ads are ready to run, this ensures you will have a bulk of people to remarket to.

Starting with this remarketing ad is tough but once you have used AdWords for a while and you have lots of experience, then you can use the more advanced options.

If you are new to creating a campaign, it is good to just remarket to people based on a web page they visited.

How to set a remarketing ad?

Step 1 – Go to AdWords campaign section and choose ‘+ campaign’
Step 2 – Select ‘display network only’
Step 3 – Select ‘all features’
Step 4 – Need to enter basic targeting and bidding information
Step 5 – Finally decide factor of display ad

If you want to reach people on Remarketing list then click on ‘interests and remarketing’ and pick ‘Remarketing lists’ from drop down menu.

If you just need to create a normal display ad, you are able to set up targeting for your ads here.

You can target display ads based on some keywords, meaning that it appears on the sites that has these keywords or you can choose to show your ads on specific sites.

For this, you must click ‘use a different targeting method’ and choose ‘placements’.

Once you set up this, you need to create the actual ad. The easy way to create the ad is to allow AdWords do the job for you. You can do this by clicking ‘view ad ideas’ and enter the URL.

Then select a format you like and make some changes to the copy and design until finally it matches your needs.

Finally wait for AdWords to approve them.


AdWords is influential, once you come to know how to use it.

In this blog, you came to know how to use the platform to generate sales for your eCommerce online store.

Pick any one option and then go with that.

Once you find success, consider moving into another option. Make a note of it, if you do this consistently, there is a good chance that you will be AdWords pro in no time.

Please share your thoughts, if you are running AdWords for your ecommerce store.

(image credit – Neil Patel)