Chasing #1 Search Engine Ranking Justify Your Time and Money?

Posted on - 13th Apr, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

In search engine optimisation 1st page search results in the top search engines are precious for brands. The top 5 search results are visible from their title tags and generate 70% traffic for a targeted specific keyword.

The #1 result is more valuable if you want to get your tags noticed and boost your search volume.

1.  In the year 2012, a study found that it gets 53% of organic search clicks

2. In the year 2013, a study found that it gets 32.9% of traffic share

3. Even after the major updates from Google in 2016,  it still gets 30% of clicks

In this blog post, you need to reconsider your efforts that go towards gaining the first spot in search engine results and thus expanding the search volume.


The top 15 viral websites generate 150 million monthly visitors. Search engines don’t get anywhere near the traffic generated by social media. This chart shows the comparison between Buzz Feed’s US traffic from search vs social. (data – June 2014)

traffic sources

A non-duplicate content piece makes you a hero overnight in search engines but doesn’t it make sense to shift efforts towards getting into social media.

Here are the four arguments that will lead you to the answer

Unknown factors take your brand to the top of search engine results page

As we have discussed, the first page results get 70% of traffic for the keyword. The higher your position the more traffic you get from the title directly to the site.

First perform the on-page optimisation audit for the website. Then, perform link building campaigns for the pages Google trusts and shows the affinity towards the website that improves search volume. It requires a strong title tags, well picked long tail keywords and a high standard non-duplicate content.

But realistically no one knows the exact ranking factors that take your business website to top of the search results and earns you favour in search engines.

For example, if you update the page’s content, republishing it will make your website ranking go from #10 to #5 in search engine results overnight for short and long tail keywords.

For Example:  Glenys managed to get her website on the first page by adding 14 relevant internal links that made her title tag highly visible in major search engine results.

Which factors contributed to lifting your Google search engine rankings and reduce the bounce rate?

You can watch experts predict the core areas of Google search algorithm changes every year.

The fact always remains the same, the Google ranking considerations will not be the same and you will see the fluctuations.

Consider other search engines than Google

How would you like if you couldn’t rank on Google but with the same link you get high rankings on Bing and Yahoo?

It’s not uncommon for Bing traffic to have higher lead and engagement than Google

So, let us summarise a few factors to optimise in Bing

1. Bing loves exact match keyword, search phrases and emphasis on anchor text matching

2. It has a strong reliance on social signals

3. It even prefers flash website in search results

It’s rare to see a website perform well in Google but not in Yahoo and Bing

By sending 100’s of emails to earn backlinks will be more helpful to get your site to the top. Also try to appear in Knowledge graph and hijack Google news for real time traffic.

Payed Ads

One way is to get to the top of a search engine is by buying a listing (an AD) at the top. But if your ad quality in the meta-description sucks, then this also can fail.

ppc listing

Email subscribers convert better than search engine visitors

Email remains a great effective medium for getting more customers. For example, an industry contacts one to one directly to offer creative strategies, solutions for your business. In their quarterly report, they compared the conversions and traffic between email vs social media vs searches.

email subscribers

More than 3% conversions trumped social media and search

conversion rates

Email marketing is repeatedly cited as the most effective marketing strategy for customers in the USA.


The number one position in Google is a prized position. But may not be the best for your business resources due to the complexity of major search engines.

Facebook has already gained the number one social media traffic, referring platform on the internet. There are other marketing avenues that yield you better conversions.

Social media and email marketing are the ways to get more engagement and traffic with low bounce rates and more ROI.

Still chasing the number one ranking in your marketing? Let us know your comments.

(Image Source – Neil Patel)