CMS Web Design & Development

CMS websites or Content Managed Systems allow users to easily change and update written content and images without any coding or development knowledge. The website is a chance for a person, company or organisation to showcase their abilities and communicate with potential clients, current customers, and stakeholders.

It is important to get your CMS websites right as it is often the first impression that someone gets of your business.

Why Choose a CMS Website

  • Brochure Websites – Unlike eCommerce websites, brochure websites only display your goods and services, so customers will have to contact your company to place an order.
  • Creates Workflow – CMS allows building the workflow as part of the enterprise CMS platform, where people can view, share and approve drafts of content instantly
  • Easy updating of your site – With CMS you can update your site according to your terms. You can make your site more dynamic and more valuable to the visitors
  • Continued support – CMS platforms such as WordPress, provides users with frequent upgrades and training tools on how to use the functionality
  • Mobile-Friendly –  CMS routinely scales your site to suit tablets, smaller browser home windows, and mobile devices
  • SEO Friendly – CMS platforms such as WordPress tend to be easy to SEO, especially with the use of plugins like Yoast.
  • Sign-in – CMS websites also allow customers to create sign-in registration varieties and retailer member information.

Why Choose a CMS website with e4k

CMS websites are for those companies looking to have an online presence and those who want to attract customers & get enquiries. We focus on creating the perfect website to showcase your companies services and provide an amazing first impression by giving visitors a great experience from ease of use to website speed. If you are for those looking to sell products online check out our eCommerce websites.

Over the years e4k Digital Agency has built many CMS websites for clients such as manufacturing and engineering companies, entertainment companies, dentists, solicitors, physiotherapists, modelling agencies, private gyms, electrical wholesalers, infrastructure companies, telecoms and many more.

WordPress CMS

e4k is an advanced open-source CMS website design and development company from Birmingham, we build our CMS websites on the WordPress website platform.

WordPress content management systems technology allows you to manage and control the website, without any need for technical training. CMS is a computer application that allows the clients to change content visually and the application then converts the change to the required code. We can provide you with training to use your WordPress website after we design and develop it for you.

  • A CMS website can help you to scale your website and digital advertising efforts
  • With a CMS website “the client” is the one in control.
  • Easy to create user interface pages with media such as images, videos, and audios
  • Allows the creation of  templates for pages such as service pages
  • Has plugins on the site the
  • Using a CMS is as easy as using a Word document page.
  • A simple content management system provides an interface to upload graphics to the library
  • Allows certain global changes that you can easily apply to the whole website without updating individual pages. For example,  if you want to update a header image, logo, or your phone number, it can be done in global settings and will update throughout all pages.

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