Develop a Multiple Domain SEO Strategy for Business

Posted on - 9th May, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

How can you improve your SEO strategy when you are following everything you have been advised to do?

One option is to have a huge search engine presence using a multiple domain strategy.

This is the trick that huge businesses use to dominate search engine results pages.

This is not a good SEO technique, but this strategy is powerful if you use it in the right way, this is a long-term strategy, so don’t expect instant results.

What is a multiple domain SEO strategy?

Example: The real estate massive Trulia and Zillow (USA)

You may or may not know that Zillow owns Trulia.

Most of the time you will notice these sites are in the first five positions. This will be true for most keywords related to real estate.

This is how the multiple domain strategy works, both are the same company, they are helping to rank their overall brand for certain keywords.

A multiple domain strategy is all about adding more influence on the SEO strategy.

This increases the chances that the user will click on a result belonging to you.

You have multiple domains just like the two sites stated above, then you might own several brands. This happens when companies create separate brands to fill a related niche.

Sometimes brands will buy out other brands or create a whole new brand.

In these cases, you can rank for the same keyword. In theory, this gets your brand out there and helps you to rank better for focused keywords.

There is a specific keyword to dominate – if you are determined to practically own a keyword this might be the right method to use.

You can see the same thing that Zillow and Trulia have the keyword “real estate”. You can also perform the same thing using multiple domains.

If you want this strategy to work you will need to own more than one website with good link equity; link equity is the concept of influence of links on pages ability to rank for specific search queries.

SEO Strategies

Building microsites – requires building completely new sites

301 redirects – it is to preserve link juice and take the whole advantage of an existing audience.

Pros and cons

Building microsites – it takes a lot of time but brings the biggest rewards.

The microsite will look more like a lifestyle blog. A microsite must always serve a purpose and help your users. This must not plug your service or product.

301 redirects – It is simple, easy and powerful. Why? It passes 90%-99% of the old link ranking on to the new link.

If you buy a domain, that ranks well for a certain keyword and redirect the website to yours using 301 redirects you will get huge benefits to your websites.

A 301 redirect will lose some link juice. This is one of the drawbacks that microsites have, you won’t inherit link rating. But, redirecting an old site into the new site is easier than building the microsite.

Redirecting from a bought domain will likely pass a little less link juice to the website. You will still get the link juice, but not as much you think; especially if you are not using any type of content, from the bought website.

I recommend taking some time to make sure you want to select either one of these strategies.

Get the domains

To build a multiple domain strategy, you need to get the domains first.

There are 3 methods you can use

  • Create new domains
  • Buy existing domains
  • Buy expired domains

Every method has its own pros and cons. One must be good for you while another might not be as ideal.

Decide to go the microsite route? Then optimise it

Before you use bought domains, just you must optimise it.

First things serve first – Your website should have great content to beat your competitor.

If your content isn’t amazing then you will not get traffic, and the entire strategy will be useless. So, take your time to build a backlog of quality content. Make sure to write long form to create more comprehensive content that gets more attention and backlinks.

Take Hub Spot as an example, they always describe things in detail.

Next, you must perform the fundamentals of SEO, it means all the types such as technical, on-page and off-page.

Don’t focus on one, ideally, you should spend a lot of time on each.

Areas to focus on,

Technical SEO

  • Site speed
  • Sitemaps
  • Error correction
  • Mobile optimisation

On-page SEO

  • Title and Meta Tags optimisation
  • Keywords optimisation
  • User-Friendly content
  • Unique fresh content

Off-page SEO

  • Internal Blogs
  • Getting backlinks
  • Social media channels
  • Classified Ad promotion
  • Social Bookmarking


These are tips and tricks you can use in certain situations that improve SEO. This is a good example, it is not for everyone but these strategies can pack a punch.

Think carefully before getting into it. Ask yourself a question have you got the time, money and resources to perform this.

If you have everything and then pull it off, this will give some unique benefits. Your SEO will improve and can rank better for your targeted keywords.

Not only this, it will position the brand as an authority for the keywords and will get more traffic and conversions.

A specific strategy for building your brand and online presence is always a great idea. Check this 2019 Link Building Strategy | How to Plan Your Backlinks | Outreachmama guide to learn more about advanced SEO strategies that will help you get beyond your competition and boost your organic traffic.