E4k offers pay-per-click services on Google in the UK. We help your business reach the right people at the right time through Google Ad words. It is difficult to maintain with the changing algorithms, platforms, and consumer intent as technology evolves. When it comes to targeting an audience with PPC, Google’s machine learning algorithms are the real one behind paid search campaigns. We follow new modern tactics that always offer the best possible results from PPC to your business. We also focus on mobile PPC because by the year 2020. 80% of people in the UK will be smart phone (article) users.

PPC is a replica of internet marketing in which you have to pay a certain amount to Google to post your ad on top of the search engine when you type a specific keyword. It is the way of buying the visits and not attempting to earn visits organically. In simple terms Google and Bing allow people and businesses to buy listings in their search results. It appears along with non-paid and natural search results. Search engines are paid each time when a user clicks on that listing.

Pay per click benefits

  • Brand recognition
  • Immediate search visibility
  • Increase keyword targeting
  • Market expansion
  • Geo-targeting
  • Increased business opportunities
  • Measurable and quick results
  • Reaches right audience
  • No need to depend google algorithm
  • Rich functionality and reporting

Value of pay per click advertising

  • Fast and more efficient
  • Opportunity for testing
  • Targets right audience
  • Leverage PPC to your advantage

Why PPC is important for small businesses?

  • Less dependent on SEO & also quicker results
  • Brand recognition
  • Easy target of local customers
  • Customise the reach of the ad
  • Track all information
  • Create reports easily

Why choose e4k for PPC?

  • PPC campaign management
  • Set up new campaigns
  • Guarantee ROI
  • 100% transparency
  • Measure everything
  • No long term contracts
  • Reports on a monthly basis

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