E4k is an SEO agency Birmingham offers best services to clients that meet Google guidelines including all latest algorithm updates.

Have you heard or know about organic SEO?

The organic results appear below the paid for ads in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine’s results pages. Unlike the paid entries you don’t pay Google when a user clicks on these organic links. Ethically performed organic SEO enables a website to stay on the 1st page in search engine for a longer time, in turn increasing the amount of traffic, and visits to your website. With a paid search, once you stop paying the search engine you will not see your ads.

Ethical SEO solutions

e4k focuses on ethical SEO starting with the foundations of good on-page optimisation. We use quality techniques such as keyword optimisation for the page title, descriptions, URL structures, semantic keyword relevancy, content optimisation and more. These are valid techniques recognised by the search engines to beat your competitors to the 1st page.

Search engine optimisation can be split into 2 parts

  • On-Page optimisation
  • Off-page optimisation

e4k follow up to date advanced on-page and off-page SEO techniques that bring businesses to best possible results on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. On-page deals with website optimisation, where off-page deals with quality link building by promoting your business in other popular websites and directories.

Why SEO is important?

  • Good practices improves usability and user experience of a website
  • The majority of users are more likely to choose one of the top 10 suggestions on the first page, and the business gains the advantage of increased visitors
  • Quality SEO is important for smooth running of the website
  • Promote your business in social platforms to bring awareness to users
  • If 2 websites sell or service same thing, then the best SEO optimised website will yield more customers and make effective sales

What business expect from SEO?

  • Branding and visibility
  • Increases relationship and customer engagement building
  • Improves business credibility
  • Achieves better conversion rate
  • Enhanced visits and improved sales
  • Effective browser compatibility that enhances user experience
  • Reaching mobile users

Importance of mobile SEO

  • Users search a lot more on mobiles than desktops
  • We optimise great user experience when it comes to mobile
  • Ensure googlebot understand the page
  • Better rankings with mobile SEO
  • Brand and reputation building
  • Social media friendly

Why choose e4k SEO Services?

  • We only do organic white hat SEO
  • Experienced and expert staffs of more than 10 years
  • Connects you to the right customers relevant to your business
  • A quick turnaround
  • Transparency
  • Focuses on conversions
  • Proven results
  • 100% result oriented agency

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