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Posted on - 10th Nov, 2016 | Posted By - E4K

In case you weren’t aware Trump’s triumph over Clinton was not the only election going on in the United States on Tuesday. There were also elections for senators, house of representatives, governors and then at local level there were elections to sit on county boards as supervisors and other such posts.

E4k was instrumental in getting one such candidate elected as county supervisor by supporting his campaign with various social media posts on Facebook. Tom’s campaign team in California ran his Twitter but regularly used e4k designed posters as part of their posts.

Tom Patti Supervisor Logo

Tom Patti Supervisor Logo

Tom Patti who runs Delta Cranes in Stockton, California stood as a candidate for San Joaquin County, District 3, Supervisor. Tom ran his campaign from the point of view of a local businessman with a young daughter. The main focus of the campaign was jobs, education and security. He posted about the importance of making the environment better for his daughter’s future and returning the area to it’s former greatness which produced upstanding citizens who respected and cared for each other.

Tom Patti showing support for local law enforcement

Tom Patti showing support for local law enforcement

Included in the campaign was a countdown to the final polling day on the 8th November. Towards the end of the campaign we included the slogan: “Make Your Vote Count”

Tom Patti "Make Your Vote Count"

Tom Patti “Make Your Vote Count”

Countdown to polling

Countdown to polling

We also produced a short promotional video for Tom’s campaign.

The actual election was slightly different to the presidential race as it took part in 2 stages. After the first election the final 2 candidates were put forward to the final vote on the 8th of November. Tom actually came second in the first round but through his campaigning, including the push on social media by e4k, he overcame his opponent and went on to win the election.

The first we heard of Tom’s victory was when someone sent congratulations and posted the result of the ballot to his Facebook page. Tom later contacted the e4k office to express his sincere gratitude for all that we did to help him.

Tom Patti result of the USA election

Tom Patti result of the election.

Just as the advent of the internet changed the landscape, social media has changed the whole election process. It’s almost  impossible to run and win an election campaign without some sort of social media representation. This is true at both the highest level of politics right down to the grassroots level.

E4k are proud to have been associated with Tom Patti’s campaign and enjoyed playing their part in an election across the pond. We  look forward to further such campaigns in the future. Maybe we can represent a prospective councillor or even an MP.

Tom Patti: We did it!

Tom Patti: We did it!

E4k also designed and developed Tom’s campaign website: www.tompattisupervisor.com

Link to www.tompattisupervisor.com


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