Ecommerce web design features

Posted on - 7th Jan, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

If you’re planning for an internet business and have chosen Ecommerce design as a web-based store, then you must find the best theme and an experienced Ecommerce web designer to meet your objectives. If you are new to online marketing it is useful to know at least the basic required features of your online store.

In this blog, we will be able to help you appreciate the most important features of a store’s design and to make sure that your website is fully furnished for on-line advertising.

Compatibility with all screen sizes and mobile devices

With the increase in mobile-only consumers it’s crucial to create a mobile friendly website that is compatible with all monitor sizes. Ecommerce solutions are responsive to design. Storefront and the entire Ecommerce compatible themes are found in WordPress.Org and they’re mobile friendly too.

Webpage fast loading time

A research reports that nearly 40% of online users will stop visiting a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Your store may be beautiful but the bounce rate will rise if the site loading time is low. So aim to implement fast loading designs, compress large image files and check with your hosting company about upgrading your plan.

Easy and Clear Navigation

Navigation is an important part of any online store design. A poor navigation will frustrate the users and may result in increased bounce rate.

Hence talk with your designers on providing a hassle-free navigation which adds more value to your site. It is a must to provide a clear path from the landing page to the checkout page.

Most sites keep their main categories at the top with drop down menus. If the product list is high, you can add a built-in layered navigation widget to your store that allows the user to filter their results per various categories.

Add clear and fast loading images

Select pictures that are fast loading and fantastic looking. It is important to use the appropriate size and dimensions of a picture to avoid distortion.

Choose adaptable pictures for catalog images, single product images and product thumbnails. For thumbnails use double the size rendered by the theme because it gives an image of pixel perfect imagery on the retina.

The above-discussed points help you to find store designs but you need to consider what your customers expect from that design and it should match your store’s industry.

Sometimes the theme that functions well for one company will not suit your business profile. Choose it wisely and present your products in a way that ties into the rest of your branding.