Email Marketing Birmingham and the UK

Email marketing Birmingham

e4k Digital Agency offers email marketing services in Birmingham in the UK and USA. Based in Birmingham, UK, and California USA, we have extensive experience and expertise in marketing automation. Most of our clients prefer to use Mailchimp as their chosen platform for email marketing, due to its easy to use interface and great pricing. Letting users who have up to 2000 contacts on their email lists use it completely free.

We can set you up on a system and train you to send emails or we can take care of the complete email marketing campaign process, this is entirely up to you.

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9 Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Offers great return on investment
  • Nurture Leads
  • Low cost
  • Global Reach
  • Simple for DIY small-business owners
  • Converts 3 times more than social media marketing
  • 91% of users check email at least once a day on smart-phones
  • Includes opened, read and other reporting tools

Emails are a great idea for the launch of new products or of a new website. Your email marketing campaign can be run in conjunction with a social media marketing or SEO campaign for maximum effect.

5 Key points for a successful email marketing campaign

  • Send to a receptive audience
  • Eye-catching design
  • Appropriate calls to action
  • Automation to go at the right time
  • Include an opt-out option for GDPR compliance

Template emails or bespoke design?

We can design templates for you to populate or complete designs depending on your requirements.

With e4k marketing campaigns, you will get the benefit from world-class technology and personal attention from our marketing experts.

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Email Marketing Services for e4k Digital Agency

We meet all marketing needs from local, small email campaigns across the United Kingdom to large global campaigns. e4k Digital Agency can manage your email marketing campaigns so that they are perfect for your businesses to maximize their effect.

When you send an email, it needs to reach the inbox of the right people at the right time with a relevant message that will make them take action.

Data: Email list?

e4k Digital Agency does not directly supply data for your email marketing campaign.

Your options:

  1. Supply us with a list that you have populated over time. It is down to you to make sure the people on the list have opted-in under the GDPR regulations.
  2. We can recommend preferred suppliers who sell data that is GDPR compliant.

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