Friendly redesign website amaze user and google

Posted on - 2nd Mar, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

Having a website for your business increases the value of your brand. Your business can reach a global audience at a fast rate with minimal investment.

Online potential customers judge your product and brand by your website design and its functionality.

Well-designed and highly functional websites are built with strategic planning and by spending quality time on the development of the site.

To compete and sustain in business it is important to refresh or redesign your website on a regular basis. With changing technologies, your website must evolve accordingly otherwise it will be perceived as outdated and give a negative impression of the company.

In this blog, we discuss pointers that suggest you site needs redesigning

1. Outdated content is harmful to your website

outdated content

  • Old web design layouts, displaying old images and videos or any intrusive media files on the website will bring less traffic
  • Outdated content or gaps in content will also harm the traffic to your website
  • It’s time to redesign the site with customer engaging content, adding infographics, blogs and customer testimonials giving a modern website that visitors feel they can trust

2. Long page loading times drastically affects your bounce rate

loading time

  • Page loading time is a very important part of any website’s user experience. Generally, website visitors leave due to slow loading speed irrespective of the design and layout
  • Page loading time is one of the notable factors when it comes to search engine ranking. Once you spot that your website loading time is high, please get it fixed immediately
  • There are various ways to cut off a few seconds in loading page time: Resizing or optimising the images in the page, loading the scripts and CSS in the external file instead of loading up on each page, using GZIP compression will help to reduce your website loading time

3. Mobile optimised page

mobile optimised

  • When your site is not accessible through mobile or any smart phones, then it will affect your traffic and ranking because over half of web traffic is through a mobile
  • Essentially all website owners must check whether their webpages are mobile optimised because Google favors mobile responsive pages

4. Social media option for your business

social media

  • There was a time when social media was considered as a pass time but the skeptics were proved wrong
  • Nearly 2 billion internet users have social media accounts; popular social media platforms have changed to become marketing giants. Social media for business is no longer tagged as an optional add-on
  • If your site is devoid of social media options, try to fix it as soon as possible because it will provide you with high converting leads and increases your website traffic and page ranking