What is Googles Possum Algorithm Update?

Posted on - 29th Sep, 2016 | Posted By - E4K

  • Possum is an organic filter that affects local business and the update is aimed to filter some spam result from ‘Google my business’.
  • Possum puts more emphasis on the user’s location and gives more accurate results to the users.
  • Google now filters the site based on affiliation and address.
  • If a business falls outside the city limits, then ranking for keywords even if it includes the city name would be difficult. Businesses have seen a big spike in ranking because of Possum.

Possum focuses on 3 main points

  1. Business outside the physical city boundaries should get better visibility means the keywords with city name ranks well in Google, without any trouble
  2. Google has turned up the heat on address filtering
  3. The results are being more tailored to specific users

Google is sifting increasingly by location. For those businesses that have numerous listings, you will have the main business listing after which you could have obtained a listing for 4 different employees who work at your office and also you share the same address; Google is going to suppress these smaller listings and provide more authority to the most important business listing.

  • For years we’ve seen that Google hates duplicate listings. They want to get rid of repeats and to focus on your primary listing.
  • The regional search engine optimisation is being driven more by the user. The keywords and the way they’re being typed in makes a huge difference.
  • Understanding the importance of long-tail key phrases and its role in the local search engine optimisation is crucial. Make certain that your pages are optimised; make sure that your listings are optimised for your neighbourhood/local key phrase results.