How does WordPress help SEO?

Posted on - 13th Sep, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

What is WordPress SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. SEO intends to rank your website higher and more accurately in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

How to add SEO to a WordPress blog? 

Just install the Yoast SEO plugin; this helps you to optimise content, meta titles, descriptions, keywords and more.

How to do SEO?

  • Create page titles that are keyword based to help establish a page theme and keyword directions
  • Create unique meta tags
  • Develop new sitemaps for Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Submit website to directories

What is Yoast?

  • It is a search optimisation company  from Wijchen, Netherlands
  • It is the most comprehensive SEO software available for WordPress users, with its developers responsible for more than 10% of WordPress releases

Default settings of WordPress are not SEO friendly.  How to change it:

WordPress Permalink

  • Default permalink looks –
  • Time to change your default structure to a customised structure to make it SEO friendly

wordpress permalink

Replytocom and URL parameters

This is another huge issue with wordpress

Check comment box reply link – it shows like this:

This is also an issue where your website got penalised by Google Panda.

Using SEO yoast permalink options, you can fix it or use parameter settings in Google Webmaster Tools.

SEO title and descriptions

We can’t miss this optimisation technique when it comes to SEO.

My suggestion is, it would be good for users if this was added automatically. But as of now we must use SEO plugins to optimise title and descriptions.

WordPress loading speed

WordPress is great because there is plugin for everything.

For speed, W3 total cache and WP super cache is the top plugins for optimising WordPress for SEO.

The loading time is one of the major factors in search engine ranking and WordPress is the most memory-hogging platforms.

Meta description in WordPress

This is a 160-character snippet, which summarises a page’s content. You can see the search engine’s results displayed when people search for a phrase contained in the description.

We all know that optimising meta descriptions is important for on-page optimisation.

How do I choose the best WordPress SEO plugin?

2 plugins are the most popular such as All in One SEO pack, and WordPress SEO by yoast.

Before deciding which plugin to use, some questions to focus on,

Future development – does the company developed the plugin have the history of updating and revising the solutions? Buy your themes and plugins from reputed vendor providers on marketplaces such as CodeCanyon and Themeforest as this is safer than trying out unknown providers.

Support – will we get proper support for the plugin from developers, or from the community? Check out feedback, support forums, and review before choosing the plugins.

Compatibility – whether the plugin is compatible with other functionality on my site? Will it be compliant in future? Find it out.

Improve SEO with WordPress widgets

It is much easy to publish identical blocks of content across multiple pages, such as footers and sidebars. It is not harmful for SEO.

You can use widgets to,

  • Add a media plugin, so that the user has a chance to upload videos and images
  • Make creative latest content inside forums and groups easier to discover
  • Add social layer promotes engagement with community application plugin such as BuddyPress

We hope you enjoyed the practical WordPress SEO tips. We have tried and got some pleasant experiences. If you have any tips to share, or to ask any questions, feel free to join the discussion by posting a comment below.