How to drive a flood of ecommerce sales using facebook ads

Posted on - 16th Mar, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

Need to improve the number of visitors to your eCommerce store? You might not know where to find a larger target audience.You can implement numerous strategies and tactics. It probably feels a bit overwhelming. The aim of this article is to help you to grow your eCommerce store sales.

You might think you know all about Facebook ads, in this post we are going to cover some advanced stuff to increase the conversion rate.

Make use of Lookalike Audiences

lookalike audiences

Lookalike audiences are the audiences created by Facebook that share similarities to an existing target audience that you already deal with.

These audiences are worth checking out because they offer you the ability to target the ads with greater specificity. Their use takes out some of the guesswork you might have to go through when you setup ad targeting. It helps the click-through rate since you are exposed to buyers who exhibit similar tendencies to buyers of your products or services.

This helps you get a better ROI for the campaigns because the ads will be relevant to people seeing them on the social platform.


1. Click on “Lookalike Audiences!” – Then click ‘create audience’. Get some input parameters, so FB develops a lookalike audience and it resembles your existing potential customer profile

2. When creating a campaign you first need to decide what it is you want to achieve

For example: If you need to sell more of a certain product;

It’s worth nothing that you set up a Custom Audience provided with a list of phone numbers, and email addresses.

If you need to target a lookalike audience, then you might want to base it on a certain ‘conversion tracking pixel’.

This helps Facebook to target people who are likely to take a certain action on the site or use an e-commerce business.

Use Multi-Product Ads

multi product ads

In Facebook, it gives you the ability to show multiple products in a single ad.

1. It gives your customers more options to select from.
2. It helps you to increase conversions. The more relevant products a customer sees, the better the chance of them buying.
3. Also, you can show different benefits of a single product

But the question is do they work?

Adobe discovered their buyers experienced,

1. 35% reduction in cost per click, thus yielding huge engagement.
2. 50% to 300% increases in Click-through-rate.
3. Efficient cost per acquisition.

Offer some incentive to click

offer incentives to click

With so many stores advertising in Facebook, grabbing the user’s attention is a challenge.

A few suggestions:

Increase Urgency!

Even if presented with a good offer some will still wait in hope of coming across a better deal. Some ways to attract buyers are:

Mention available stock – Inform the user that the product might be gone, unless they act now.

Urgency evoking phrases

1. Hurry
2. Limited time
3. Offer expires
4. Act now
5. Don’t miss out
6. Last chance
7. Prices going up
8. Only
9. Clearance

Advertise on Instagram linked to the Facebook account

If you have high-quality pictures, there is a chance your product will perform well on Instagram – A social platform that is image heavy.

Take advantage of Facebook features too, ensure your compelling visuals are shown to the correct people.

Even if your brand is over fifty years old, this tool doesn’t stop them from achieving success with a modern social platform. Thanks to Instagram Ads some companies managed to achieve a 9x reduction in the cost per acquisition.

Strengthen existing customer relationship with custom audiences

Custom audiences is a powerful tool that helps you to create a unique list of people you need to target your ads to and is based on customer’s phone numbers, emails, and Facebook IDs.

This tool helps the existing customers to convert into Facebook fans. Just upload your customer list into customer audience tool and target them with your relevant Page Like ads.

Target your buyers with offers, promotions

Old customers and newsletter subscribers – target them with pertinent offers or discounts to reward their loyalty.


Facebook ads are a great way to grow your business quickly, provided you know how to use them.

The beauty behind a Facebook ad is you don’t have to overextend yourself when running a campaign designed for website conversion.

Just spend 10 pounds a day; you will quickly learn how to use the platform to promote your eCommerce store.