Interesting elements every website homepage should have

Posted on - 5th Oct, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

Each time a person lands on your website homepage it is like your business is going through a “job interview” of sorts (fresh haircuts, wearing best suits, long story short, and more).

Is your homepage making the right first impression?

Here we will share some key elements every homepage should have:

1. Value proposition

A value proposition is a statement which identifies clear, measurable and demonstrable benefits consumers get when buying a particular product or service.

Tell your visitors exactly what you do with clear cut information

This seems like a no-brainer, but you will be shocked at how many other websites out there don’t have one.

Value proposition means, if you are selling a product, the product needs to speak for itself,

  • Solve issues
  • Be unique
  • Differentiate from the competition

2. Blog Highlights

  • Your blog is the heart of content strategy
  • Encourage people to view and offer subscription
  • Highlight this option in your home page
  • This content offers people an opportunity to understand, easily convert and start a relationship with your brand

3. Social media links

  • In social media – you want people to follow your company
  • Social media button in a convenient place where people can easily find them – Our suggestion is footer or in header
  • Remember, increasing social following, helps to increase the number of eyes on your content
  • This returns more users who are likely to click back to your website more often

4. Video

  • A quick introduction video about your business on your homepage such as what your business does, office environment, team intro – these are the most effective ways of engaging a user
  • Try to develop a video of less than 3 minutes – more than 3 minutes then you users  will lose interest
  • Video helps users get a quick overview of the company and not the whole story

5. Call to Action

  • When people arrive on the homepage or other pages – you must be clear what action you want them to take next
  • You can have this on top of the page, an action such as subscribing to the blog or at the bottom of the page such as requesting a consultation
  • Discuss with your team and decide one or two actions you want your audience to take when they land on your website
  • More than 2 actions may confuse the user their journey through the site.

6. Instinct Navigation

  • Navigation should be easy to understand – even for a first-time visitor
  • Provide the right information the users want
  • Display the page most often visited in front
  • For example, if you are getting more traffic via blogs, then make them easily accessible through navigation

7. Original, Quality Images

  • Real pictures of your team and office on your homepage, describes a realistic and a trustable portrait of what people expect when they order work for you
  • Post high-quality images – it shows professionalism and yields user attention
  • Don’t post stock images – it won’t yield creditability or customer engagement

8. Awards and Certifications

  • Display your awards or any recognitions that your company has received
  • Company awards and recognitions build creditability and suggest quality of work and supports your content and images
  • They suggest expertise in your field

9. Testimonials

  • 79% of users trust testimonials as much as personal recommendations from their friends or peers
  • When a company receives positive reviews from previous or present customers,  they should capitalise on them

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