How to know your customers and grow your business

Posted on - 23rd May, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

First create a customer profile

This will help you to think about who your customers really are and how to reach them. The idea is to build up a real picture of the type of person your services or products speak to. Think about what they are like, where they spend time and why they chose you over your competitors.

If you like to use doodles to build a mood board. This is an insightful exercise, often used by brand consultancies who encourage doing it with team members.

How and where to begin?

You know your existing customers so start from there. More specific the ones you love most. Think about the projects goes well. Every entrepreneur wants more of these relationships. Understand who they are so that you can attract more.

If you are a new business, then think about who your service or product will benefit. Have a look at what you offer and who needs you rather than who you would like to work with.

What’s the value?

Engage with the process properly and create a window directly into the customer’s world. When you develop a new product, write a marketing copy, or design a customer journey, so that you can see a clear picture of who you’re talking to.

This very simple insight allows you to align the business perfectly with your client’s needs.

The ideal customer stops becoming a figment of the imagination and starts spending cold hard cash. Know your ideal customer and grow your business.

For example:

Demographics – male, female, education, geographic location, parent, age, etc.

Psychographics – lifestyle, opinions, values

What brands are they engaged with? – supermarkets, cars they drive, etc.

What media they consume? – magazines, social media, TV channels, newspapers, etc.

What is their goal? – What do they hope to achieve, their feelings

How do you grow your customer base?

magnetic pulling

Divide your time into supporting existing clients and looking for new business.

2 ways to get more business – win new business or get your existing customers to spend more. These are important for growing your customer base.

Experts say the old business can falter if budgets change or people move on so it is important to look for new business. Start your relationship early, so it’s mature enough to deliver new business when other work is finished.

Look for partnerships with other businesses

By partnering with other firms that offer complimentary services, you are able to reach a new audience and offer more potential to your customers.


A body development firm in Bath offers nutrition advice and personal training. They help their customers understand what they should have when they are training that includes fresh fruits and vegetables. They recommend us to their clients – we look at delivering directly to the gym once a week.

Always think big

If you belong to a small business are you able to work with big industry. Yes, is the simple answer.

Many small businesses find it intimidating to make contact. Success relies on developing a network of long-term connections. Small businesses have more opportunities to work with big clients.

Use social media 

From online customer service to using social media to get insights into your audience. There are now some good opportunities for your business to reach out via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

Play to your strengths

Worth is testing a range of marketing approaches, and checking what works. But remember that each business is different, so you might find some approaches don’t work. Move on to something that works for you.


Marketing is the art of gaining customers quickly. If you need to build a solid base for your own services or products in 2017 then implement these strategies to increase your customer database in the fleeting period.

If you need 1 to 1 consultation regarding your marketing efforts, then e4k’s professional team is waiting to guide your business along the path of success.