What is Magento E-commerce?

Posted on - 3rd Aug, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

What is Magento?

The most popular and famous platforms for E-commerce websites used on more than 25% of online stores.

Why Magento?   

The major reason for choosing Magento is that it is scalable and easy to maintain. It is a free open source platform.

Magento has 3 versions,

  • Magento community edition (free)
  • Magento enterprise edition (paid)
  • Magento Go (paid & hosted on Magento servers)

It is free, easy to download and install. The platform is regularly upgraded by the developer community working on it. Security flaws are spotted and plugged for a safe eCommerce perspective. For higher security standards, opt for the Enterprise Edition that offers a secure payment bridge that comes with the PCI Data Security Standard.

Tailor made E-commerce 

Magento started as a platform intended for e-commerce, unlike Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress which were primarily for content management systems. Most CMS platforms now offer the option for E-commerce plugins.

Magento offers features such as

  • CMS option
  • User dashboards
  • Newsletters
  • Customer segmentation
  • Allows bundling of products
  • Inventory management

Magento is an ecommerce solution offering

  • Tailored solutions
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Best of budget
  • Ownership
  • Customer care and support
  • Speed to market
  • Easy to set up
  • Social networking integration

Modular and customisable

E-commerce comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. What works for a lighting retailer may not work for a hardware seller. The scale of operations, size, customer service requirements, etc. poses a different challenge in an e-commerce environment.

Being an open source platform, Magento is easily customisable and modular. It allows you to develop front-end customer knowledge by plugging in templates, and layouts of your choice. Back-end workflows are redesigned to meet your business needs by rewriting code, modifying grids and events.

Google services – Magento

Already this platform has proven its performance and efficiency by shaking hands with the search engine giant Google. Google services such as Analytics, Checkout, and Base can be easily used by this platform. It tracks traffic, content uploads and order processing when placed by customers.

High Performance

Magento a good performer, when it comes to load speed, query processing time, and other performance parameters. Magento has high end caching techniques such as varnish, and other DB optimisation techniques.

Built for SEO  

We know how important is to develop the website to be SEO friendly. We know how hard it can be to optimise each page on the site for SEO. It is a huge task for large sites that consists of hundreds and thousands of pages.

Marketing Tools

Magento has different tools and technologies to promote your business. Most buyers are attracted by branding and marketing facilitated by Magento. Magento includes options such as flexible coupons, multi-tier pricing, landing page, campaign tools and private tools.

Outstanding E-commerce functionality

Magento is a high performance, scalable digital E-commerce solution for huge and fast-growing businesses. Every platform has its own merits; Magento is best than other platforms when it comes to delivering scalable ecommerce websites for growing businesses.

Magento holds around 30% market share due to its flexibility and power.


Magento can be customized in line with business requisites and needs. This is made simple due to the available extensions and preloaded assembled modules.

Mobile ecommerce support   

The community and enterprise editions of Magento incorporated with multiple HTML5 capabilities, and ensure the provision of larger mobile shopping experiences.

Magento stores has drag and drop feature.

If you are looking for a robust, extendable, feature rich, flexible, high-performing E-commerce solution, then Magento is well worth considering.