Magento Website Functions

Posted on - 10th Dec, 2016 | Posted By - E4K

Magento is the fastest growing e-commerce platform in existence. It is a highly customisable platform with a content management system and ecommerce administration interface used to construct on-line storefronts and websites specifically for selling merchandise. Magento includes established e-commerce features related to searching, carts and stock management and encourages large customisation to satisfy business specific goals.

Website Functions

Magento’s most unique feature is to store content within a single database and its capacity to allow multiple website management.

Globalised support

Magento provides global support since it is an international platform it can generate multi-lingual websites that support website registration, multiple currencies, and tax rate assistance.

Inbuilt mobile commerce

Magento offers m-commerce or mobile commerce version of the website and provides full site catalogue or products personalised for mobile customers.

SEO optimised pages

Magento develops SEO friendly pages. The SEO features comprises adding auto generated popular searches, creating Google sitemaps, full control on URLs and making them SEO friendly and includes meta information for all web pages.

Generates report and analytics

Magento provides numerous reports such as sales reports, tax reports, coupon usage reports, best-viewed products reports, tag reports, RSS feeds for new orders and best-purchased products reports and search terms reports. The reports help to optimise a site and can run multivariate testing.

In-built advertising and promotional tools

It has numerous tools like up-sells for a shopping cart, cross-sells for product pages, search engine friendly URLs tools, landing page tools for PPC, and Google sitemap tools. Magento e-commerce is an effective creator of promotions which help to enhance conversion rates.

Effective website administration

Magento has better catalogue management. The website admin can edit, approve, and delete product reviews and product tags effectively. With the help of catalogue management any items can be imported and exported for batch updates offline and it can also provide a variety of options to display the products in the website.

Multiple checkout process

A magento website offers to ship to multiple addresses in one order. It provides one-page checkout and checkout with an account using the address book. It supports SSL security for orders on both the front-end and back-end for users with an account as well as by guest checkout.