Mobile website vs desktop website

Posted on - 13th Feb, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

Nowadays the web developers insisting their customers and new clients get their mobile websites designed as fast and it is such an important competitive business issue at present.

Is it worth creating a mobile website?

What are the difference among a mobile internet site and a desktop internet site and any distinction between the classic computer website and a mobile-optimised internet site? Let’s discuss on the above!

What is a mobile website?

  • Many of them assume that a mobile website is a smaller version of your desktop version but it is not so
  • A mobile website is a separate model of your laptop or desktop internet site and its miles designed for use completely on phone gadgets
  • Typically, the mobile version consists of a confined variety of the various pages which can be displayed on your desktop model
  • However, it will include an option to find complete pages or link to the other pages and other additional information about the website

What is not a mobile website?

Though if you view a tiny or illegible model of your website and if you use your fingers to expand what you see on the screen, then you are merely viewing a desktop version of your site over your smartphone. This isn’t always a mobile website.

What is the difference between mobile website and responsive website?

  • An affordable web design practice is known as “responsive website design.” It means the developer construct websites that will respond to the tool they’re being used on
  • If a consumer surfs into your web site from a computing device computer, they may see the massive, complete-featured website
  • If they surf in from their smartphone or tab, they’ll see a mobile-optimised website that is easy to apply quickly on their small screen, loads quick over mobile networks and offers them the crucial statistics they want to know

Mobile website

Desktop website

Responsive website

A mobile website or mobile-ready website is accessed through smartphone or tablet, with a smaller screen and touchscreen navigation.


A desktop/traditional website is accessed through a computer, with help from a mouse and a huge display.


Responsive website or mobile-friendly website is a desktop webpages that are resized as per the gadgets it is viewed.


Advantages of mobile websites

  • Mobile websites has an effective functional option on the websites
  • Provides click-to-call feature for your telephone number
  • Offers GPS/directions features that help the users quickly find your shop
  • Easy-to-read print, a fast-up-front menu navigation