Penguin 4.0 update – will create huge impact in rankings?

Posted on - 27th Sep, 2016 | Posted By - E4K

Penguin now as Real-Time module of Google’s Core Algorithm

  • Google has announced a major update to its link analysing algorithm, Penguin.
  • It is along-anticipated upgrade that will help sites which are formerly penalised by Penguin under spam paid links.
  • Penguin is a filter that is designed to capture the spamming sites. It is updated periodically. Any sites that are hit by the previous Penguin update would have been waiting two years for the chance to be free.
  • In SEO perspective, “Penguin latest update” being part of the core algorithm will not show any different impact on the search results that would be visible to searchers. But it means that it is now part of the main search algorithm rather than a filter.
  • With the latest release, Penguin becomes “Real-Time”.
  • The data is refreshed in real-time, so changes will be visible much faster and the effect occurs shortly as we crawl and re-index a page.

Latest Penguin is more “Granular”

  • This update is more “granular” meaning it will not affect the ranking of an entire website but it affects the ranking of individual pages based on spam signals.

How Quick Penguin Cleanups are Done?

  • This is an interesting factor because the site owners can see the changes much more quickly. As links are removed and denied, these changes will be reflected immediately in Google’s search results.
  • Site owners need not wait for the recovery or update, thus making it different from Panda where the update happens on a long-duration cycle.
  • The latest Penguin update is part of the over 200 signals used in Google’s core algorithm.
  • If you’re trying to get away with some techniques that aren’t to Google’s liking, the Penguin will catch up with you quite quickly and you will not be allowed to use those approaches for any large period of time.

Goal of the update

  • Penguin updates real aim is to catch spam link profiles fast and keep low-quality sites from ranking well in the search results.
  • If you want to stay ahead, within the SEO game in any respect, you will need to have the option to continually and continuously audit your links and perform cleanups regularly.