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Posted on - 5th Dec, 2017 | Posted By - seo-team

Ways to promote your business on Twitter

How do you use Twitter to promote a business?

  • Choose an appropriate user name – Try your business name or its variation. Twitter allows up to 15 characters for usernames
  • Interact and respond – reply to tweets regarding business if they are positive or negative as soon as you possibly can. Like and retweet good messages
  • Content plan – create content calendar and schedule consistent tweets for the day or week

For example

  • Monday – special promotions
  • Tuesday – promote photos or videos of your business
  • Wednesday – share some useful tips
  • Thursday – share some trending information about some industry topics
  • Friday – focus on employees and customers
  • Share Social – share links at anytime when business gets mentioned in media – this lead to more attention from reporters
  • Promote events – promote dedicated events and live tweet. Tie into current events when it is appropriate to use a hook for your product
  • Follow relevant users – Just don’t follow everyone. Always focus on relevance this includes following your customers in Twitter, influencers, who retweet your content and competitors
  • Use hash tags – use hashtags often because it is native to Twitter. Use 2 to 3 per tweet – Twitter hyperlinks the hashtags automatically to reveal all tweets that is associated with them

What are the benefits?

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive website traffic
  • Promote blog content, presentations, images, and videos
  • Improve the chances of purchase
  • Boost website SEO
  • Increase authority
  • Latest trend in the industry
  • Reach huge audiences
  • Strengthens the connection with local community

How much is Advertising?

3 types of advertising options

  • Promoted tweets
  • Promoted trends
  • Promoted accounts

The first and third cost between $0 .50 – $ 4.00 per engagement.

The second one cost you $ 200,000 per day.

Promoted tweets are already tweeted that you wish to promote.

How many tweets a day is good for business?

Small business owners are better to tweet 5 per day because this gets you maximum return. But if you swing up to 20 posts, you might be better off.

How it helps your business to grow?

Implement Twitter cards – an additional information about the content to Twitter. By adding a few lines of code to your website, you can inform of Twitter of photos, videos, and other media.

Build Twitter followers – Social quant is a tool that quickly increases relevant followers by using data and analytics to find suitable users and conversions. Select the keyword to target.

Identify influencers and engage – if someone is influenced in the field, they already have an audience you need. If you can build a great relationship, it can pay dividends. Use SocialBro tool this will make your process easier.


Like other social media platforms, the more interesting the information you put into Twitter, the more reward you will get.

What do you think? Are you ready to reboot your Twitter experience? Ready to kick start your business promotion in Twitter?

Share your experience and “ooh’s-aaha’s!” moments with us.

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