PPC Agency (Pay Per Click)

e4k is an award-winning digital marketing company, offering PPC services, based in Birmingham, UK with offices in the USA & India. We help your business reach the right people at the right time through Google Adwords.

As the name suggests your account is charged each time someone clicks on your ad on the top of the page. The amount you are charged is determined by how competitive Google deems the keyword you have chosen to be.

Advertisers bid on the keywords to appear on the search engine results pages or SERPs as they are known, and this is how Google makes money from its search engine.

You can control your spending by setting a maximum after which the ad will not appear in the results. Once we have honed in on the right formula for your advertising and the sales are rolling in, you can increase your spending accordingly.

Choose your Audience and Track your Results

  • Users get to choose the location of the ads so if you are a local company you can geo-target the audience.
  • You can also control the time that the adverts appear to when you think your target audience will be most responsive.
  • PPC allows you to vary the snippets and meta-titles and produce reports to see which ones work best.
  • In fact, the whole process can be tracked and your settings adjusted to get the best results for your business.

Everything is measured, managed and adjusted to maximize the chances of the person who typed in the query becoming a customer.

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Pay for Top Rankings

PPC places ad snippets above the organic search engine results for your chosen keywords. We will research the keywords to best suit your business and choose the ones that are going to give the best ROI.

With the changing algorithms, platforms, and consumer intent and as technology evolves, it may be a challenge to achieve and maintain a Google search, page 1 ranking by organic methods; PPC guarantees your appearance on the first page.

PPC is often used by start-ups to kick-start their business whilst they wait for the organic SEO to kick in.

Guided by Google for Best Results

When it comes to targeting an audience with PPC, Google’s machine learning algorithms guide us as we set up paid search campaigns.

We use the most up-to-date tactics that allow us to offer the best possible results for your business. We also focus on mobile PPC because it is estimated that by the year 2020, 80% of people in the UK will be using a smartphone.

It is a way of buying the visits and not attempting to earn visits organically. In simple terms Google and Bing allow people and businesses to buy listings in their search results. It appears along with non-paid and natural search results. Search engines are paid each time when a user clicks on that listing.

Pay per click benefits

  • Brand recognition
  • Immediate search visibility
  • Increase keyword targeting
  • Market expansion
  • Geo-targeting
  • Increased business opportunities
  • Measurable and quick results
  • Reaches right audience
  • No need to depend on the Google algorithms
  • Rich functionality and reporting

Why PPC is important for small businesses?

  • Less dependent on SEO & also quicker results
  • Brand recognition
  • Easy to target local customers
  • Customise the reach of the ad
  • Track information
  • Create reports easily

Why choose e4k for PPC?

  • PPC campaign management
  • Set up new campaigns
  • Guarantee ROI
  • 100% transparency
  • Measure everything
  • No long term contracts
  • Reports on a monthly basis

If you are looking for a PPC agency, get in touch today for more information or to book your free consultation: 0121 66 66 534  or email sales@e4k.co