Questions to ask before choosing a web design company

Posted on - 27th Sep, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

Here are some questions to ask before you hire a web design company. Initial consultation gives the company a chance to shoot questions so that it’s easy to know their business, target audience, and objectives.

1. What services do they offer?

Don’t assume a company is good at one thing just because they offer another. Companies offering digital marketing services may be experts in certain parts of digital marketing but not others. Whilst it’s a good to have one company handle all your digital marketing in the end it’s important to get results.

2. Strategies to generate revenue

They must list proven strategies they incorporate into website design and development. Are they discussing:

  • Featured products
  • Sales appearing on all pages
  • Business telephone number placement
  • In home page – Appealing slideshow
  • Call to action – to grab visitor’s attention

3. How my project is managed?

A website process has a few stages:

  • Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Launch
  • Evaluate

Other things you need to ask:

  • Timeline for each stage is maintained
  • Whether a manager or contact person for the project is appointed
  • How I will receive reports
  • For managing tasks is there a project management system used

4. Qualifications of people going to work in project

  • Feel free to ask for examples of previous websites
  • Discuss the expertise of personnel  in website design and development tools
  • Client references if required
  • References and portfolio must be kept updated

5. Provide me website examples that you design to judge

  • The design diversity of the company
  • Website performance such as navigation, well-crafted design
  • Designs are modern
  • How well the design matches the business

6. How long will it take to complete the project?

  • This is based on scope of the work (Some websites require more functionality)
  • How quickly you support us and provide the text content and other information
  • You may ask for the average turnaround time if they have everything
  • Worth discussing what happens if they don’t meet their target date

7. I have an already established brand, will my website offer a consistent look?

  • Good question – Ask how they will approach this
  • What are the steps taken to ensure the web design is in-line with present marketing techniques and strategies?

8. Do you outsource any work?

  • Some companies give part of the work to independent contractors
  • This allows them to offer a range of services – cost effective
  • Ask for credentials for all independent contractors
  • Ask how the project co-ordination is handled in-house

9. Ask about price

  • Whether they offer a flat price or an hourly rate
  • Prices should always be based on expertise, scope and experience
  • The quality of a firm’s work – will reflect the value of the brand and importance of the online presence

10. Website compatible in tablets, smartphones, and other devices?

  • How the firm approaches mobile content
  • Do they do responsive design used to accommodate the visitors, whether accessing it from a mobile device or desktop
  • A vital factor is their breadth of experience in designing for mobile applications

11. Do you perform SEO?

  • All the website should be coded with SEO in mind
  • If they perform SEO (search engine optimisation), ask them to conduct an audit prior to website launch

12. How you choose keywords for my website?

  • Right keywords are essential for SEO to market your business
  • Important to consider how keywords are used
  • If your business goals rely on organic traffic, clever idea is to conduct an audit and keyword study

13. How you measure the results when site goes live?

  • The relationship doesn’t end when website goes live
  • You might hear terms such as unique page views, bounce rate, conversion rate, search engine ranking, etc.
  • Ask how often you will be provided these statistics and procedures for improving

14. Ask whether you can access search data

  • Web design firms use various analytics to monitor the website performance
  • They must be willing to provide you with access
  • Ask for a login and password, so that you can access to check the statistics at any time via online

Your new website design must reflect your new strategic business goals. It is significant that the web design company you select, is to help you to achieve them.