Responsive Website Design: The way forward

Posted on - 7th Jan, 2015 | Posted By - E4K

So why is Responsive Website Design the way forward? Well not only do you reach a wider audience of people but Google have even said that they prefer sites with a mobile first approach.

Increased use of mobile and tablets

With the increase capabilities of smartphones and tablets they are almost as good as a Desktop PC. More and more people are not only accessing their E-Mails and looking at their Social Media on mobiles they are running their business. This includes browsing products, services and even ordering and purchasing goods. Retail customers are also using their mobile phones to make purchases in an ever increasing numbers.

Responsive to design solution

This changes the way people uses mobile and tablet devices. Which makes it incredibly important for your website to have a mobile first approach. Previously the answer to this was to have 2 websites one for PCs and the other for mobiles, the BBC website being a good example of this. Now it is possible to have one website that responds and adapts to the device it is being viewed on.

Not just a shrunk version

Responsive design does not mean the site shrinks to fit the screen, it means all content is kept whilst the layout is changed to make it more accessible and easier to read and navigate on the smaller screen whilst no content is lost. Take a look at this website on your PC and on your mobile to see the difference,

The stats

Here are some stats from Smart Insights to show how mobile device use has increased:

  • More than 20% of Google searches are done on mobiles.
  • In 2012 more than half of all local searches were done on mobiles.
  • In the USA 25% of people only access the internet via a mobile.
  • 85% of all emails are opened on mobiles and 10.16% on tablets.
  • In 2014 mobile internet usage is expected to overtake desktop usage.
  • 1.08 billion out of 4 billion phones in the world are smartphones. (3.05 billion are SMS enabled)

Improved SEO

Google, with a 67% share of the search market in 2013, have said they prefer responsive to design websites as one website for all devices makes it easier for their robots to crawl and index. SEO is affected by having a mobile site and a PC site rather than having a responsive site. Would it not be easier to only have to optimise one website rather than 2.

Are you driving customers away?

Potential customers are easily put off by non-responsive websites and will simply move on to a competitor. When people have to work harder to use a website on their tablets and phones because a site is not responsive to design they are likely to move on or not come back next time they are looking to purchase something online.

Stay ahead of the competition

The websites we produce at e4k are now all responsive to design. We use the most up-to-date platforms for both eCommerce and CMS sites. If you want to stay ahead of the competition get in touch to discuss your next website. If you’ve got an idea let us turn it into a reality.