Ways to let the world know about your awesome business

Posted on - 21st Jun, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

Have you got a plan or an idea for a new service or product? Building a website and creating a prototype is not enough on its own, it’s now time to get the word out.

Let customers know what you are doing? A few people paying for your services and a few pounds trickling in doesn’t mean your business is reaching out as far as it could into the big wide world.

No need to worry – There are a million ways to let the world know about your services or products.

1. Be a genuine resource

If you are a respected resource, showing real authority, then customers pay attention every time you say or release anything new. If people respect your opinion they are more likely to opt to buy and they get excited about side projects you are taking on.

Share your knowledge by joining a meetup group or a network that connects fledgling entrepreneurs with seasoned ones. You could say something in your college’s alumni network about what you are doing and possibly offer to speak with students.

2. Use flyers to promote special events

When you are organising events, then there are many ways to promote your business such as newspapers, TV, radio, and billboards. But these mediums will tend to go beyond most business budgets.

  • Creative – Highlight the main message to stand out, most flyers will be either A4 or A5 in size and you will get the two-sided space to spread the message. Another simple and attractive way to get your flyer to stand out is using a folded finish
  • Reach your audience – Flyers offer a great platform to promote events and it reaches the required audience by:

1. Street distribution
2. Door to door mail drops
3. Instore distribution

  • Incentives – Flyers offer the opportunity to include incentives such as vouchers and coupon codes. This is a good way to drum-up some interest in the event and creates early awareness

3. Find some outlets in the city

There will be many things going on in the city. You must find some networking groups, visit co-working spaces and attend some events in the area.

Don’t limit yourself to starting-up a friendly event. You will find some other opportunities in the city, town or county, like seasonal events, parades, or ceremonies at universities, etc.

4. Brand your vehicle

Do you have a vehicle? Then what are you waiting for? A branded vehicle with the company logo is an easy way to get your business name out there. Construction, landscapers, and some other service providers very often use their industry vehicles for this purpose.

5. Jump into SEO and Content Marketing

Search engine optimisation seems like a lot of work, but if Google can’t find you then no one else can. If you are selling “Beer Mugs” you want people to find you when they search “cool beer mug designs”… don’t you?

Get into the storytelling concept; generate positive engagement, increase friendliness with other companies, get into social sharing, etc.

If you are doing cool things, people will have a reason to talk about you and then they will tend to write about you and give you links and share your business posts, etc.

These links help you to get ranked when people search for your chosen keywords.