Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Small Business

Posted on - 10th Aug, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

How to use?

New to Pinterest?

Firstly complete your profile and optimise before going forward.

Step 1: Complete profile on Biz Account

Step 2: Verify the website

Step 3: Set up Pinterest rich pins

Complete profile on Biz Account

  • Upload the most current logo
  • Choose user name – a chance to showcase your brand URL the way you would like to see it
  • Add your bio that includes keywords optimised for search
  • Add your details that connects people to you – what you love and what you will be pinning
  • Add location
  • Add the website

Verify the website

  • Main page of the account – choose edit profile
  • In the bottom, you will add website address and click verify
  • A popup with verification instructions – then select and download the html verification
  • Using FTP upload the file into the root directory of the website then in Pinterest profile click the button – click here to complete the process
  • Finally, you receive a message that says your verification was successful

What are Rich Pins?

It includes extra information right on the pin itself. 5 types of rich pins are available,

  • Product
  • Movie
  • Recipe
  • Place
  • Article

Place Pin

Suppose your business is a restaurant, you might pin inside images of your restaurant or latest culinary creations. You have the option for adding a place pin to your image. It is a map with the exact location of the restaurant.

Article pins

This has data you wouldn’t see without clicking through the article. You must fill the headline, description and author’s name.

How to set up Pinterest rich pins

Before setting up, you need to request access and add a specific markup code to your website or blog
It’s a technical process, so you might need a web developer

2 different options when adding the code,

  • Semantic markup
  • oEmbed

If you are using SEO (search engine optimisation) Yoast, then oEmbed data might already be there

In this case, move on to the next step

Verifying rich pins

Determine which type of pin you want to approve. Once you do that, then

  • Go to rich pin validation page
  • Copy URL of the content and paste it
  • Click validate

You will receive a message that the pin is validated, then click “Apply now”

This process will take 2-3 weeks. Pinterest will notify you by message.

How to use it for business

Set a strategy

Once you begin, pin by considering the objectives. Trying to get more traffic to your website, boost your brand awareness, increase sales and expand customer engagement? Then pick images and offers accordingly.

Be Pin friendly

First, install Pin it button on your website. Insert a featured image on every page, and blog post that can be pinned automatically. Add “follow me on Pinterest” button on the home page of your website.

Establish your expertise

Create keyword rich pins and board titles and descriptions to boost Google ranking and be found for your expertise. By using hashtags for your keywords to highlight when customers search for.

Pay attention to Pin placement

Place vital pins near the middle of the top or second row of the board. Studies revealed that pins present in the centre and the front receive the highest views.

Go multimedia

By sharing podcasts, videos, and screencasts, you can be interactive with users. A good pin includes product demos, excerpts from presentations and webinars.

Promote others

How to build your brand? You can do it by repining, commenting on and liking other pins. Also, tag other pinners you are following in one of your pin descriptions.


Pinterest is the 8th largest social media after Facebook, and Twitter, etc. Remember that you’re targeting an audience who are going to view your pins that you show them.

Always create an appealing image of your business that should inspire a vast number of customers.