Web Design Trends 2016

Posted on - 30th Dec, 2016 | Posted By - E4K

Prospective customers will often checkout a company’s website before making a decision to buy. For this reason an online presence is a priority for any company.

It is important for organisations to have high-quality, modern internet design to stand out and gain project legitimacy in an increasing competitive market.

Today, we discuss a few of the latest trends in web design that enhance your website and add functionality:

Micro interaction

Micro interactions are all around us, in every appliances, app and website. They are small pieces of functionality.

  • Micro interactions are, despite their small size and close-invisibility, incredibly important in everyday life
  • They are the minor interactions between bigger interactions, mostly so small that customers engage with them easily
  • For example, a button colour change that indicates it’s pressed, tapping an alarm to turn it off, liking a photo on Instagram, pressing an elevator button etc. They are able to make our lives simpler, extra fun, and sometimes extra exciting if accomplished well


  • Add interesting elements without disturbing the main experience
  • It enhances the sense of direct manipulation
  • It helps the viewers to visualise the results of their actions
  • It highlights how to interact with the site
  • It provides feedback for the completed action and communicates the status change

Everyone is moving to CARDS!!!

Cards are fast developing design pattern for mobile devices. The complete information on a topic is organised into a single container. Popular examples are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. “Google” is also moving to cards…


  • Cards are very beneficial to social media where the user-generated content are organised into a single piece
  • Easy to understand and navigate through the pages
  • Fast to share content across social channels
  • Card layouts can easily rearrange themselves and can be fit into different breakpoints and it is perfect for the responsive web design


Animation has become a style in web designing. It is a projection of images in a fast mode so that it creates an illusion of moving. The animation is not bounded to cartoons anymore they are widely used on the website and has become a useful web tool.


  • It creates a live and interesting user experience compared to static images
  • The animation is helpful in product demonstration
  • It attracts attention to specific elements on the web page

Long Scrolling

The latest trend is long scrolling websites that give a fast cementing of the pages and linking them as web design staple.


  • It simply made the navigation easy
  • This has an effective storytelling potential that engages users
  • It can easily fit into mobile devices since small screens mean more scrolling and are managed well by touch controls