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An advanced open source CMS website design and development company from Birmingham, personalised to meet your requirements.

Our technology allows you to manage and control within the website, without any need of technical training. CMS is a computer application that allows the clients to transfer any new substance or altering the prevailing content effortlessly with no specialised training.

  • Imposing a CMS can help you to scale your website and digital advertising efforts
  • With a CMS “the client” is the one in control. The client can easily standardise the website and make it user-friendly
  • Using a CMS is as easy as using a word page, just type content and save it. After which the site is updated automatically by CMC software
  • A simple content management system (article) provides an interface to upload graphics to the library without doing any coding

CMS Uses

  • CMS gives a better site navigation, which increases the referrals through SEO
  • Easy to create user interface pages with videos, images, and audios
  • CMS allows creating templates instead of adding new pages
  • CMS performs global changes that you can easily make changes all over the website without updating individually. If you want to update a header image, logo, or your phone number, it will update throughout all pages

5 Main Reasons to choose CMS

  • Creates Workflow – CMS allows building the workflow as part of the enterprise CMS platform where people can view, share and approve drafts of content instantly
  • Easy updating of your site – With CMS you can update your site according to your terms. You can make your site more dynamic and more valuable to the visitors
  • Offers supports – CMS will provide users with frequent upgrades and training tools on how to use the new functionality
  • Mobile Friendly – The CMS routinely scales your site to suit tablets, smaller browser home windows, and mobile devices
  • SEO Friendly – Most CMS will include tools for SEO, marketing, e-mail advertising, social media advertising, and blogging

CMS also allows the customers to create occasion registration varieties and retailer member information.


E4k Digital Agency is a leading WordPress Website Development company based in the UK. Our professionally skilled staffs have satisfied a huge number of clients across the country since 2000. We develop engaging websites that run on the WordPress CMS platform. We support businesses by delivering high quality websites and business systems for small, medium and large-sized enterprises. If your WordPress website needs specific functionality to be present, we are here to develop a custom plugin to satisfy your needs.

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