Website might miss some crucial things

Posted on - 23rd Feb, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

Just creating a website and making it live is not a guaranteed way to reach your audience. There are various key aspects that you must pay attention to when designing and developing a site to reach potential customers.

Some poor traits in a website can lead to decreased website traffic, lower conversion rates and increased bounce rate. Some websites have a decent web layout and good content but have no traffic.

There are few things that are significant and should be included in your website

Smooth and clear navigation


  • Navigation acts as a roadmap of your website if the roadmap is clear the customers will stay for a long time and enjoy the experience on your website
  • A well designed menu structure with stimulating content will lead the customers to get engaged with your business
  • The navigation menu is a collection of page links that are seen vertically on the left or horizontally near the top of the page or on the footer of the webpage
  • Though the importance of navigation bar is negligible, it plays an important role in overall user experience. So, consider creating a smooth and a clear roadmap for your website

Updating contact information

  • If you are running a small business or local small business that serves a global based audience, then updating of your contact information crucially important to your business
  • Never forget to add a ‘Contact Us’ page because this page may be vital in converting the visitors into customers
  • Contact us page is an integral part of your website through which any of the visitors or dealers may contact you
  • Also, provide a Call-to-action facility so that your visitors find it easy to reach you correctly

Start doing E-mail marketing


email marketing

  • Many people think that email marketing is an outdated marketing technique, but it is a very personal way of reaching your targeted customers
  • It is a vibrant marketing tool that connects you with your customers. You can easily tailor the email with the information you want to share
  • Research says that nearly 196 billion emails are sent each day of which the majority is business emails

Social media promotion


social media

  • It is crucial that your online presence needs to expand to social media platforms. It is the most effective way to reach the targeted customers and if you are doing the right social media advertisement it will lead to real relationship building with your customers
  • A strong social media presence with regular updates will show your brand loyalty
  • Social media promotion brings you more sales and immediate customer feedback on your products or services and can be used to grow your business