What is SEO?

Posted on - 6th Oct, 2015 | Posted By - E4K

Search Engine Optimisation is an important feature of digital marketing. The idea is to get the website ranked as high as possible on the search engine results pages (SERPs) leading to more traffic coming to the site and ultimately more sales.

Businesses with websites ideally want their website to be ranked first on the first page of Google. With the right content and the assistance of experienced SEO specialists websites can achieve high rankings.

Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

SEO can be divided into 2 main categories, Black Hat tactics and White Hat Tactics.

Website which follow the rules set by the search engine providers, such as Google, are said to be using White Hat Tactics. The content is visible to both the search engines and to the visitors to the site.

Using White Hat Tactics is more likely to give you a longer lasting high ranking for the website on the SERPs.

Black Hat Tactics are where the ranking is achieved by trying to get around the rules given by the search engine providers. Different content is created for the search engines and for the visitors.

Hidden words are added that the visitors cannot see and this is technically known as cloaking. Black hat tactics can give a website a high ranking but once the search engine provider realises this sort of tactic has been used it automatically demotes the site as a penalty.

Advantages of SEO

Creating different customer base and Building Brand Name

SEO compliant websites are user friendly and designed to attract the right potential clients. A high ranking also helps to increase brand awareness and gives the company credibility.

Active marketing and Better Conversion Rate

SEO compliant sites act as a 24/7 marketing tool promoting the products and services of the company. A well designed website leads to better conversion rates from the visitors attracted through the search engines. A good experience on the website can lead to visitors returning and becoming loyal customers.

Expand your Business Network through Social Media

Social media plays a major role in SEO. By posting the products and services to different social media platforms and including a website link, traffic can be increased as well as brand awareness and trust in the company.

Better Content – Better Conversion Rates

SEO campaigns are more successful when the website content is updated regularly. Sharing product knowledge can lead to potential customers recognising you as an expert in your field and gives them confidence in your products and services and make them more likely to return to your website and to share your knowledge.

Why Choose e4k for you SEO?

E4k is an experienced website design and search engine optimization services company. Our SEO experts aim is to get you highly ranked. We keep up to date with the ever changing rules that Google and other search engine providers apply to their ranking process.

We only use White Hat Tactics. Our aim is to get our clients on to page 1 of the search engines as quickly as we can and eventually to the very top and then to keep them there by analysis and improvement.

We supply monthly reports and are always here to engage in dialogue with our clients to help improve their rankings.