What is a woocommerce website?

Posted on - 9th Jan, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

WooCommerce website is the most customisable e-commerce platform for your business. It is a WordPress plugin with paid add-ons. WooCommerce allows you to sell your products and services from a WordPress site. It is a functional extension that has been downloaded over 13 million times.

How does it work?

  • WooCommerce creates a basic online store that enables you to sell any digital or physical product, take secure payments, manage inventory and shipping and sort taxes automatically
  • The core feature of WooCommerce includes inventory management, sales tax management, international customers, coupons and shipping cost calculation
  • WooCommerce can be augmented with over three hundred extensions that give additional features like product bundles, EU VAT calculations and tracking, customer documentation, bookings, returns and warranties and it also includes learning management systems for selling courses

Quick look on benefits of WooCommerce

  • Mobile friendly: WooCommerce themes are mobile friendly and are responsive to design. It means the product and services can be rendered easily through mobile devices, tablets and desktops
  • Global marketing: WooCommerce helps in global marketing. Users can sell their physical and digital products across the globe with WooCommerce platform
  • Secure payment and code: the Sucuri, an industrial leader in plugin security audits WooCommerce to make sure that it adheres to the best practices and coding standards of WordPress allowing it to be more secure and stay updated
  • Open source platform: WooCommerce is a complete open source platform that enables the users to benefit from a community of more than 350 contributors
  • A wide range of themes and extensions: WordPress theme developers worked on nearly 25 themes specially designed for use with WooCommerce. More than 300 free extensions are available and there are few paid extensions also available so the user can customise the store with a broad spectrum of features

New in WooCommerce 2.7

WooCommerce 2.7 beta version was released in the early November 2016 and the original version is about to release in the New Year 2017. It is an updated version with many updated features to make it more user-friendly. A few of the updated features are listed below:

  • It mainly focusses on the product gallery display
  • They have used zoom/swipe hybrid approach for mobile support
  • Users can access to both zooming (lightbox) and magnification
  • Bigger improvement in touch gestures, pinch to zoom, swipe up to close and swipe to scroll etc
  • New gallery behaviour where if we click a thumbnail it updates the main image rather than opening a lightbox
  • By opening the lightbox on mobile displays the image is larger than the in-page display

We look forward to the launch of the new updates.