Why are customers leaving without buying?

Posted on - 25th Apr, 2017 | Posted By - E4K

Just launched a new website? Having you spent months optimising and designing it, you are watching the traffic flowing to your website, but buyers aren’t taking the most crucial step in the process – making a purchase.

You would have spent so much time making your website sleek and optimised for search engines, optimising the conversion rate likely fell through the cracks.

If your company needs to succeed and make a profit, then conversion rate optimisation is very important. Having a top website is great, but it is useless when customers are not turning into buyers.

Tips to boost your conversion rate optimisation

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1. Give reasons to buy

Establishing a clear CTA (Call to Action) will be the beginning, where the customers are being guided through the checkout cart but they won’t blindly trust you.

First give them a reason to trust you and buy from you. Try including buyer recommendations, samples, and testimonials from the company’s past projects. These are highlighted items to persuade the customers to buy your services or products.

2. Use Right Images and Colors 

Everyone knows that images attract users more than text. You can’t however just insert any old image.

There is always a psychological aspect to the images. A different image evokes different emotions. Choose a better idea that brings out the right emotion you need to instill into your prospective buyer.

3. Call to Action

A flashy website with buttons and colors can confuse the would-be buyer. Customers get overwhelmed and leave your website or click on another option.

Remove unnecessary clutter and make your purchase CTA clear, obvious and different from the rest of the webpage’s other content.

Customers don’t have patience or time to waste. When they make a purchase, they need to be guided where to go and complete their process with as few clicks as possible.

4. Create custom landing pages

Every campaign not only needs to have a CTA, but it must have a dedicated landing page. This prevents having too much clutter.

When creating custom pages, start with the content first and then do the design. This way the layout, colors and design will emphasize and support the CTA.

5. Be ready to offer customer support

Let your buyers know that you want them to succeed when using the product and help is readily available.

Knowing help is just a phone call, email or chat away, they will eagerly take the step to purchasing the service or product.

6. Use the right wording

Your auction description is very important. The customers want to know exactly what they are purchasing. The phrases such as Free website design won’t be fair instead use view our service plans and prices.

Every CTA not only needs to be clear, it must state an action you want the buyer to take.

Try to use the words that buyers will understand and are what they want to hear.

7. Customer comments to speak to others

The past customer comments on their experience with your service or product will make for enjoyable content. The feedback from previous buyers help you not only build a better service or product but offers content that other customers can benefit from.

Customers get a positive impression when other customers are talking to them rather than a company. People will more likely listen and thus leads them to take the action to purchase.


Your business without converting customers is unsuccessful. A high standard website with enjoyable content is just the beginning. You need to invest the same time and effort in optimising your conversion rate as on your website SEO.

If you need any help in optimising the conversion rate, just call us – 0121 66 66 534. We offer professional and experienced optimisation that helps you to get more sales for your business in no time.