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e4k Digital Agency is offering the best telephone systems for business, bought to you by our partner Midshire Telecom. We know how important it is to have great telephone systems in your business. Through Midshire, we offer impressive, reliable, and scalable telecom systems for your offices at an affordable price.

Everything you expect in a telecoms service provider is covered, from handsets to lines and minutes as well as answerphone messages and call redirects. Finding the phone system best suited to your business will help it thrive and grow. Through Midshire, we want to deliver the perfect telephone system for you.

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Midshire Telecom Telephone Systems

NEC Telephone Systems

Midshire partnered up with NEC as they have been the global number 1 for many years and offer extreme flexibility and value for money to approximately 80 Million users worldwide and service many vertical markets.

Samsung Telephone Systems

Midshire has been awarded Samsung Platinum Business Partner status for both sales and service; reaching the top level of recognition as a reseller, based on business levels and technical expertise.

Cloud / Hosted Telephone System through Gamma

Gamma has more than 1000 resellers UK wide with only 23 achieving Platinum accreditation. This status demonstrates Gamma’s appreciation of Midshire as a leading provider of their products and services.

Features and Benefits

  • Professional Welcome Message / Auto Attendant – recorded by a voice artist this service can really make a difference and enhance your caller’s impression of the business. Some telecoms companies charge a monthly fee for this professional recording. All of our telephone systems come with this service as standard.
  • Music on Hold / Marketing on hold – Again recorded by a voice artist, when callers are placed on hold this is a chance to add value. Are you a legal firm and specialise in various areas of law such as family, conveyancing, immigration, or are you a furniture shop with sites at different locations; this is an opportunity to let your customers know.
  • Voicemail / Voicemail to Email – When someone leaves you a voicemail, you can choose for the voicemail to sit on the handset or send a copy of it to an email address. This means wherever you are in world, as long as you have access to email you will still be able to keep in touch with your clients.
  • Direct Dials (DDIs) – Each handset can have its own DDI assigned to it. These are free of charge. Clients can ring you directly rather than going through the main telephone number or speaking with someone else.
    Call Divert to Mobiles – You are able to route calls to your mobiles by pressing a key on the handset.
  • Home / Remote Working – There are various ways we can set you up for home and remote working. If working from home, we can provide you with a Mobile App. Make and receive calls on your business number via your App. You can have a softphone which is software installed on your PC/Laptop or an IP Phone which will connect to your router. All of these solutions will allow you to present your own office telephone number i.e. 0121, 0208, 0161 whilst dialling out. You will also form part of the phone system in the office so you can make, receive and transfer calls to your colleagues.
  • Reduce costs by having free Call bundles to UK landlines and mobiles.
  • Call recording – Listen back to calls for training and monitoring or consumer disputes. PCI compliant call recording also available.
  • Call reporting – Do you have a sales team you target on a number of calls per day? Do you rely on inbound calls for orders? Are you missing any calls? What is the cost of a missed call to your business? Call reporting allows scheduled emails to be set up sent to you as frequently as you wanted or simply alarm you once SLAs aren’t being met such as calls not answered within 5 rings.

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