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We are a top class email marketing services (or) agency UK, Birmingham with experts focusing 100% on email and marketing automation. Email marketing services have evolved so that they reach the right people at the right time with highly receptive targets and relevant messaging. We meet all marketing needs from local, small email campaigns across the United Kingdom to large global campaigns. Experts from e4k manage email marketing campaigns so that they are perfect for businesses to maximize their effect.

When you send an email, it needs to reach the inbox of the intended recipient and then needs to grab their attention and provoke a call to action. With e4k marketing campaigns you will get the benefit from world-class technology and personal attention from email experts.

Your email campaign includes,

  • Long & Short-term goals: Short term opens, clicks, and conversions are often the focus. Long term is recipient lifetime value, referrals, engagement, and virality
  • Social: Integrating your email marketing campaign with a targeted social media campaign will help to grab the attention of your intended recipient and reinforce your message
  • Mobile Optimise: Due to the increase in mobile searches email marketing campaigns need to be optimised to present well on all devices
  • Deliver: Due to our effective marketing, expertise in ISP ensures that the emails always hit inboxes and the target when customers are most likely to open them

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • Offers return on investment
  • Nurture leads
  • Low cost
  • Global reach
  • Simple for DIY small-business owners
  • Converts 3 times more than social media
  • 91% users check email at-least once a day on smart-phones
  • Social share buttons increases email click-through rates

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