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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a cloud-based business application product for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) solutions. It breaks capabilities down into several apps, making it scalable and affordable to any size of business.

Dynamics 365 replaces Microsoft Navision for which Microsoft no longer offers bug fixes, patches, end-of-year service packs, or support. The only exception to this is if businesses invested in extended support but be aware this will stop in 2023.

Dynamics 365 is cloud-based whereas Navision was mainly a premise-based software. This means Dynamics 365 is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, hosted remotely on Microsoft servers across the world. It means the platform can be used anywhere there is internet access.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has 2 options depending on the size of your business:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  2. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

What is the difference between Business Central and Finance & Operations?

The Business Central solution is ideal for small to medium businesses whereas Finance and Operations is the enterprise edition for medium to larger solutions.

Business Central 

e4k is pleased to offer SMEs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Scalable | Configurable

Business Central is suitable for any type of business offering products or services.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central: lady working on laptop

Connect Operations across your Business with Business Central

Business Central is a powerful, scalable, cloud-based solution that offers businesses a new way to run their processes, putting them in the best position to unlock their full potential. It is a major challenger to solutions such as SalesForce and Oracle.

Dynamics 365 products seamlessly integrate with all Microsoft applications including Office 365 and Outlook. It will also have the ability to connect to third-party programs. It is available on a license basis where you buy licenses according to the number of users, this makes it scalable as your business grows.

Business Central Apps

The first roll-out of Dynamics 365 offers apps covering a wide variety of business processes within one uniform program including:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Reporting
  • Logistics
  • Human Resource Management

A common data model allows all the apps to share the same data. This facilitates the opportunity to access new insights and present new business opportunities.

Connecting your teams enables you to:

  • Unlock productivity and business insights
  • Optimise stock and supply chain management
  • Finish projects on time and within budget
  • Boost sales and improve customer service
  • Increase financial visibility and performance
  • Grow and adapt through the cloud with increased deployment, reliability, and security.

Why choose e4k for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Bespoke designed elements

e4k is an experienced software company that can offer you extra bespoke designed elements, as and when needed, to add to Microsoft Dynamics that fits your exact business needs.

If you’d like to explore the potential of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central¬†get in touch with e4k today. We’re waiting to move your business to the next level.

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