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PPE for Healthcare and Essential Workers

 Personal Protective Equipment.

Councils, care homes, nursing homes, hospitals, care companies…Get in touch if you have a need.

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PPE has been in the news a lot over the past few weeks. During this horrible pandemic, the press has made a lot of shortages of personal protective equipment within hospitals and other NHS facilities. During the Covid 19 outbreak employers in healthcare situations have a duty of care to their staff, patients and clients to protect them from contracting the virus.

Supplying the correct PPE protects people, prevents infection and saves lives.

e4k Ltd works with several suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare and essential workers. Our clients already supply to councils, hospitals and other public institutions. All the equipment is approved for medical use and meets the NHS standards.

What PPE do they have available…

We have been asked to spread the word that they have a supply of masks, gloves, aprons and more. All are approved suppliers offering high-quality PPE.

If you have a need for PPE, get in touch immediately and we will connect you with the best supplier that suits your requirements.

One example of the type of PPE we have available is the KN95 masks below:

PPE: KN95 Face Masks

Please contact us and we will check the availability of the type of PPE you require.

Plan for future PPE requirements:

We are here for people with immediate needs as well as for those who are planning ahead and know they will have a future requirement for PPE. As demand increases PPE may become even harder to secure, so get in touch today to secure a pipeline for personal protective equipment.

 If you have a need for PPE or if you have any questions, contact us immediately:

Call Hatim 07977 505 033 or Call Kumel 07960 656 365