What is SEO? What do you actually do?

e4k Digital Agency offers affordable organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as a monthly paid service. But many people don’t understand what SEO is all about, so below we explain a bit more about it and what we do for our clients. Essentially we’re giving away all our trade secrets but we know the truth is that most clients do not have the time or the patience to carry out the processes and that is where we step in.

SEO is not simply about getting you ranked on Google (and other search engines) for the terms you want to be found for. Also, it’s also about driving relevant traffic to your website and making sure your website is best set up to convert those visitors to customers.

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What is organic SEO?

Organic search engine optimisation, or SEO for short, refers to the methods used to obtain a better ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) without resorting to paying Google.

Organic Search

This is a method of entering one or a more search items, in a single data string into a search engine. The results of the search appear on search engine results pages ranked according to the relevance to the terms entered. Google uses complicated algorithms to decide the order of ranking. It takes into account many factors which SEO analysts have learned about and use the knowledge to make the website more likely to rank higher.

What is an organic ranking?

This is the order in which the results appear on the listings on the search engines results pages because of their relevance to the searched term.

Difference between organic and paid search?

Organic is based on natural rankings determined by search engine algorithms and optimised with various SEO practices.

Paid search results (PPC) this is where you pay for the website to be displayed on search engine results pages, usually at the top, when someone types a specific keyword (search term).

Benefits of organic SEO

High ROI – offers an elevated level of ROI when compared to other forms of marketing

Targeted traffic – With organic the visitors, you bring to the website are likely to be actively searching for your services and products

Cost effective – SEO is recognised as one of the most cost-effective cost channels

Long term results – offers long term rankings and traffic on search engine results pages compared to, but PPC which offers short term results.

Higher brand creditability – People always trust the 1st-page listings in Google as they are usually reputed companies, by performing SEO your website becomes a brand name. You are the guy that competitors want to beat.

Increase website referrals – you will gain more website referrals from search engines. Your website visitors are the ones to refer your website to their friends. Strong SEO grows referrals, figuratively.

Gain your market share – If you are first on the first page, your customers never notice the other alternatives. Unless they scroll to page 10 of Google. We all know that will not happen because 75% of users never scroll past the first search engine result page.

Organic SEO best practices

Tip 1: High-quality content

  • Write for the user, not for Google
  • Don’t oversell
  • Provide actionable guidance
  • Longer articles rank higher in Google
  • Find proven posts on social media with attractive backlinks
  • Find the top 10 sites for your keywords, Analyse those sites content and make your content better

Tip 2: SEO Keywords Research

  • You can use the Ubersuggest tool as it’s free
  • Use google keyword tool – if you enter a keyword in suggestions, they will list bulk keyword options
  • Type your main keyword in search engine results and check suggestions offered by Google in instant results
  • Also if you scroll at bottom of Google’s search results page, you can see search related queries
  • Focus on high search volume terms
  • Take long tail keywords to yield you more traffic and conversion

Tip 3: Unique Titles and Description

  • Each post should have a unique title and description
  • Ensure you don’t have any duplicate content

Tip 4: Proper sitemap

  • A crucial factor in SEO. Helps Google to crawl pages and index your website
  • If your website is developed in WordPress, you can generate a sitemap using the Yoast plugin
  • Once you created, you need to submit your sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools

Tip 5: Website Speed

  • Major ranking signal. Research shows that if a website loads in more than 3 seconds you will lose visitors
  • Every second of delay, the chances of the user clicking the back button is increasing
  • Using the Google page speed test, it guides you on how to sort out issues –

Tip 6: Consistently add fresh content

  • Add unique fresh content on a regular basis because this gives more authority and a higher ranking in search results
  • Refresh page content and add to it on a regular basis
  • Add blogs to answer questions from clients and potential clients
  • Blogs allow you to show your expertise in your field
  • If you’re passionate about what you do it should be easy to write a blog about it
  • Share your blogs to your social media fields to increase traffic and spread the word
  • New content and blogs inform Google that you are maintaining your website

Tip 7: Optimise images for SEO

  • Images must have alt tags that relate to the keyword
  • Descriptions and captions are also important
  • Search engines and users will  know when an image doesn’t load

Tip 8: Use what works for your competitors

  • Spy on your competitors on social media and on their website and everywhere else
  • You can learn a lot of new techniques
  • If you grab all top links of your competitors, then you can beat them
  • Try to replicate their backlink profile and better it
  • Use trusted tools like Ahrefs and Majestic

Tip 9: Highlight data on Google webmaster tools

  • By highlighting, you help Google to understand the website better
  • It also helps to display prices, reviews, ratings along with your rich snippet
  • This also increases the chances of getting a Google knowledge card featuring the website
  • You will find this option in Google webmaster, on the highlighter page, simply click and drag your mouse over website’s title and choose title
  • Do the same thing for author, date, image, ratings, etc.
  • Once you have done this, Google will be able to better recognise your data


We have discussed important organic best SEO practices to gain more traffic and conversion. Organic SEO doesn’t give results overnight. If you perform it in the right way, in the long run, then you will get to see the benefits. We ask for at least 3 months to get a website any ranking and in some case a 6 month period to get it higher up the ranking.

We always give preference to website traffic and conversion more than targeting keywords. SEO the whole site and not just the pages that have your main products.

SEO by e4k Digital Agency

e4k Digital Agency is an SEO agency in Birmingham, UK, and California USA, that offers the best SEO service to clients which meet Google guidelines including all the latest algorithm updates.

Organic SEO

Organic search results appear below the paid results or ads in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engine result pages (SERPs). Unlike the paid entries you don’t pay Google when a user clicks on these organic links. Ethically performed organic SEO enables a website to reach and stay on the 1st page in the SERPs for a longer time. This, in turn, increases the amount of traffic, and subsequently visits to your website. With a paid search, once you stop paying the search engine will not list your ads.

Ethical SEO solutions

e4k focuses on ethical SEO (white hat tactics) starting with the foundations of good on-page optimisation. We use quality techniques such as keyword optimisation for the page title, descriptions, URL structures, semantic keyword relevancy, content optimisation and more. These are valid techniques recognised by the search engines to beat your competitors to the 1st page.

Search engine optimisation can be split into 2 parts

  • On-Page optimisation
  • Off-page optimisation

e4k follow up-to-date advanced on-page and off-page SEO techniques that bring businesses to best possible results on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. On-page deals with website optimisation, where off-page deals with quality link building by promoting your business in other popular websites and directories.

Why SEO is important?

  • Good practices improve usability and user experience of a website
  • The majority of users are more likely to choose one of the top 10 suggestions on the first page, and the business gains the advantage of increased visitors
  • Quality SEO is important for the smooth running of the website
  • Promote your business in social platforms to bring awareness to users
  • If 2 websites sell or service the same thing, then the best SEO optimised website will yield more customers and make effective sales

What businesses expect from SEO?

  • Branding and visibility
  • Increases relationship and customer engagement building
  • Improves business credibility
  • Achieves better conversion rate
  • Enhanced visits and improved sales
  • Effective browser compatibility that enhances the user experience
  • Reaching mobile users

Importance of mobile SEO

  • Users search a lot more on mobiles than desktops
  • We optimise great user experience when it comes to mobile
  • Ensure Googlebot understands the page
  • Better rankings with mobile SEO
  • Brand and reputation building
  • Social media friendly

Why choose e4k SEO Services?

  • We only do organic, white hat, SEO
  • Experienced and expert staffs of more than 10 years experience
  • Connects you to the right customers relevant to your business
  • A quick turnaround
  • Transparency
  • Focuses on conversions
  • Proven results
  • 100% result oriented agency

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