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e4k Digital Agency is an award-winning SEO agency, based in Birmingham, UK with offices in the USA and India. We offer affordable organic SEO services (Search Engine Optimisation) as a monthly paid service. We rank companies locally, nationally and internationally, depending on your business model.

We offer a Free SEO Audit & Consultation (No purchase and no obligation) of your website. Call us: 0121 66 66 534 Email us or fill in the form on our Contact Page (Remember to include your URL).

We work on a month to month contract with one month’s notice. We ask that you commit to us for 3-6 months to see the improvements our changes will provide but this is entirely up to you.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is based on trying to improve your organic rankings (for your targeted keywords) which are determined by search engine algorithms. Your website’s rankings on Google depend on over 200 factors, including relevancy to the keyword, authority, site speed, functionality, on-page SEO, backlinking, user signals & more.

It’s not just about getting rankings on keywords. Our SEO services also include driving relevant traffic to your website and making sure your website is best set up to convert those visitors into customers.

Many people don’t understand what SEO is all about, so we always make sure that we are transparent and explain what we are doing for our clients and why through meetings and monthly reports.

We do this because we know that the better you guys understand SEO the more respect you’ll have for our work & expertise. And the simple truth is that most clients do not have the time or the patience to do SEO even at a basic level.

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Why Choose e4k?

  • Experienced staff of more than 10 years experience
  • Connects you to the right customers relevant to your business
  • A holistic approach. SEO is affected by a lot more than content so we provide many more services that could help including website design, social media marketing, PPC and other digital marketing services
  • Focussed on long term success & viability
  • Transparency
  • We optimise the whole website and not just the pages that have your main products
  • We make sure your website is best set up to convert those new visitors into customers.
  • Proven results – Check out what our customers say about us

What is PPC & How Does it Help SEO?

PPC (pay per click advertising) this is where you pay for the website to be displayed on search engine results pages, usually at the top, when someone types a specific keyword (search term). They are great for increasing outreach and helping new sites gain traction.

If you are a new start-up it does take a while to rise in the rankings especially for competitive keywords in and that is why we do advise a PPC campaign to help promote your business if you have the budget.

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SEO by e4k Digital Agency

e4k focuses on learning about our clients, their services, who their target audience is and more. We always start with the foundations of good on-page optimisation and link building. But we believe that the best SEO services are ones that are personalised for each and every client, taking into account all the small nuances of your business.

SEO isn’t about ticking boxes and there really is no ‘one size fits all’ method. So we always make sure to have an initial consultation with our clients before we work on anything because it is important to understand what your goals are, what you believe you are offering customers that competition isn’t etc.

We also provide monthly reports with statistics, what we’ve done, what we are planning and if we’ve had any special ideas that could help.

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