Software Development

E4k has a wealth of experience in providing software development services in the UK since 2000. We focus on business requirements, analyse the business needs, and deliver tailor-made high quality applications.

The e4k development team offers impressive software intended to suit client entire business. Our team is familiar with modern techniques and provides solutions that always meet client’s unique demands, budget, and time frame. We create software to help all kinds of businesses around the UK with a creative unique solution.

Services from our company always simplify complex business processes and make sure the successful achievement of tasks in the organisation.

E4k Software Development Process

  • Requirement analysis
  • Domain analysis
  • Client design
  • Implementation-oriented design
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Packaging

Creation and innovation enable us to build high level projects that meet worldwide standards. We provide perfect customised software solutions to all our clients, custom solutions is the process of analysing problems, work processes, the current system of working, etc.

Our solution fulfils your needs and gives you the required results, reports, and revenue. During the development process, we work to get your results using effective tools so that organisations, institutions, or personal monitoring for reports and analysis converts to a highly profitable service for you.

How Business Get Benefits from E4K?

  • Maintain business procedures
  • Manage customer relationships efficiently
  • Owners can manage accurate information and reports
  • Help to track all the information in the industry
  • Help to reduce or eliminate accounting errors
  • Enhances security system within the workplace
  • Track project from start to completion stages with ease
  • Flexibility and enhance productivity
  • Cost-effective

Our EchoSCM software specifically for the apparel industry covers all business processes involved in the day to day demands of running such a company. It is continually being improved and developed and can be set up to meet the needs of your businesses.

Specifically designed for Newsagents with delivery rounds we have software that can be adapted to any business that requires a delivery rounds system.

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